2013 Tool Racing Championship Triple Crown – Louisville, Columbus & Cincinnati

Power Tool Drag Racing

You read that correctly the 2013 season of power tool drag racing is upon us and will be hosted in 3 different cities, at 3 different Maker Faire events, all the info is however on 1 website www.ToolRaces.com! This will be the 5th time for the race in Columbus and with several returning season veterans expect to see some stiff competition. Cincinnati & Louisville are not going to be out done however and while in their inaugural seasons already have some racers with some pretty advanced designs that look to take their glory on the road to all 3 events.

Thank you to the wonderful folks at Bosch Power Tools & Ohio Power Tool for supplying each race with 3 prize packages (1st, 2nd & crowd favorite) valued at over $3000 total! Not to bad considering it’s only $25 to enter a racer, per each event if you want to race in more than one. Of course to be crowned the ultimate Triple Crown Champion of Tool Racing one would need to attend all 3 events and take home 1st place at each event! Is it possible, for sure, is there an additional prize for such a victor, nope but you’d have more Bosch Tools than you could shake a stick at and of course you’d have our respect which at the end of the day isn’t that most important.

Tool Racing

The first race in Louisville is less than 2 weeks away but not to worry that is plenty of time to build a champion (or so we’re told, we’ve still never won) or at least something that will make it down the track and be fun to race. Also all the Maker Faire & Tool Racing events are FREE to come be a spectator so support your local makers and see what it’s all about!

Maker Faire: Louisville
When: September 28th@ 12pm – 8pm
Where: 800 Block of Market Street
Race Times: Official race start at 2pm
Sponsoring Maker Space: www.LVL1.org

Maker Faire: Columbus
When: October 13th@ 12pm – 6pm
Where: COSI (Center of Science & Industry), 333 West Broad St.
Race Times: Official race start at 2pm
Sponsoring Maker Space: www.columbusideafoundry.com

Maker Faire: Cincinnati
When: October 19th@ 12pm – 10pm
Where: Washington Park
Race Times: Official race start at 2pm
Sponsoring Maker Space: www.hive13.org

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