2018 BX Craftsmenship Awards

2018 Builders Exchange BX Craftsmanship Awards

2018 BX Craftsmenship Awards

Each year the Builders Exchange of Central Ohio selects several of the area’s top crews and projects for the BX Craftsmanship Awards. With so many amazing projects completed each year this is truly a difficult decision for the judges. The team at Ohio Power Tool could not be more honored to continue to sponsor these awards each year. The recognition of these hardworking tradesmen is just a small token for all they do to shape our cities!

MidState Contractors Award   

Craftsman: Rick C of Midstate Contractors, Inc.
Winning Work: Architectural sheet metal work at the Licking County Courthouse The artistry of craftsman Rick Collins is evident in the newly renovated exterior façade of the Licking County Courthouse. Work included removal and replacement of all exterior metal including the main cornice, corbels, mansard metal, roof dormers and clock tower. The steel skeleton remained in place, while structural elements were added to provide support for the installation of new metal. Collins used his extensive knowledge of CAD to take precise field measurements and create life-size samples, which were submitted to the architect and owner for approval. A combination of extreme radiuses and curves combined with clock faces and surrounds provided a unique challenge for fabrication. All joints were 100% soldered and replicated within a 1/8-inch tolerance. With the exception of the copper gutters, all fabrication was completed in the shop and modified for fit in the field.

Adena BX Award

Craftsmen: Dave K, Dustin K and Jeff W of Adena Corporation
Winning Work: Restorative finish carpentry at The Ohio State University Pomerene Hall The detailed carpentry work of the crew from Adena Corporation is showcased throughout the Ohio State University Pomerene Hall. The crew was responsible for the removal, refurbishing and modifying of over 60 doors originally crafted in the late 1890’s. A makeshift workshop was set up on site to eliminate risk of further destruction. Varying degrees of damage and unrepairable wood existed on each door. The crew was careful to ensure exact wood species and stain colors matched the original. Each door took an average of four hours to modify. Some doors also had to be modified to fit into new frames due to the redesign of the space. Another challenge for the team was the removal of old hardware, some of which had been in place for over a century. This is the first crew award for Adena Corporation.

Anderson BX Award

Craftsmen: Sonny A, Jim B, Quincy J, Mike P and Jordan S of Anderson Aluminum Corp.
Winning Work: Exterior curtain wall and interior glass installation at the AC Hotel by Marriott The spectacular views seen at the AC by Marriott Hotel in Dublin is the work of the crew from Anderson Aluminum Corp. The project includes eight floors of curved unitized curtain wall, aluminum composite panels and window wall windows, interior and exterior aluminum doors, ACM column covers and a glass handrail for the rooftop patio. The complexity of the curved window system was a challenge to engineer, fabricate, glaze and install. A unique mix of glass, aluminum cap covers and aluminum composite panels were used in the building’s exterior design. The crew precisely laid out and installed all three elements to appear as one seamless curved curtain wall. This is the second crew award for Anderson Aluminum Corp.

Bruner BX Award

Craftsmen: Marco D, Jake H, Roger H, Eric H and Rick O of Bruner Corporation
Winning Work: Grant Hospital ICU vertical expansion cooling tower relocation Coordination and leadership were key factors for the crew from Bruner Corporation. in the relocation of existing cooling towers and installation of new condenser water piping and pumps. Work began by individually dismantling the two towers and relocating them one cell at a time. Working directly above an intensive care unit, the equipment was lifted by a 300-ton crane and delivered to an opposite corner of the building. New 8, 10 and 12-inch condenser water pipes were installed to feed the new cell. Seismic rated tube steel supports were prefabricated in the shop and assembled on site. During the relocation, the crew was able to maintain chilled water throughout the occupied facility with no interruption to hospital operations. This is the second crew award for Bruner Corporation.

Corna Kokosing BX Award

Craftsmen: Kirt B, Jim L, Dave M and Kevin M (not pictured, Don O) of Corna Kokosing Construction Co.
Winning Work: Structural steel frame at St. Mary’s Church in German Village The crew from Corna Kokosing Construction Co. is responsible for the meticulous structural renovation of the 152-year old St. Mary’s Church in German Village. A combination of time and outdated construction practices caused the tops of the exterior masonry walls to heave outward, forcing the church to condemn the building until repairs could be made. To stabilize the building, 35-foot steel columns and 25-foot C Channels were tied into the masonry walls for support. Each column was crane lifted through a one square-foot opening in the roof, and guided from the scaffolding dance floor down to the column base. The column was then welded to the baseplate in the church basement. This is the first crew award for Corna Kokosing Construction Co.

Lang Masonry BX Award

Craftsmen: Abdon G, Juan H, Victor J, Luke K and Albino L of Lang Masonry & Restoration Contractors
Winning Work: Installation of interior and exterior masonry at The Ohio State University Pomerene Hall Careful planning and attention to detail were key factors in the masonry work on display at the newly renovated Pomerene Hall on the OSU campus. The work involved the addition of new masonry and limestone, which was incorporated to blend with the existing building. Custom color bricks from Georgia were used to lay out the seamless pattern. Unique brick details and coursing height were matched to maintain the buildings original 1900’s historical character. Due to the variety of renovations taking place, the coordination between the various trades on site was vital to completing the work. Nearly all of the masonry was constructed on site, while limestone pieces were fabricated offsite, then modified in the field to fit site conditions. This is the first crew award for Lang Masonry & Restoration Contractors.

Mock BX Award

Craftsmen: Tom B, Scott C, Gary D, Rocky H and Shawn S of Mock Woodworking Co.
Winning Work: Architectural woodwork at the Marriott Residence Inn The carpentry skill of the crew from Mock Woodworking is showcased throughout the first floor of the new Marriott Residence Inn located near the OSU campus. The craftsmen worked from sketches or renderings to complete much of the interiors detailed design. One unique feature was the installation of hanging clouds on a radius. Layout of the clouds was a challenge, and required the crew to create an anchoring system not specified in the drawings. The crew were responsible for the fabrication of all woodwork, including the use of multiple wood species and various high-end materials such as stone, metal, leather and glass. There are 40 unique areas with distinctive details and finishes, including 5,500 linear feet of trim, 4,500 sq. ft. of wall paneling, 900 sq. ft. of wall sculpted panels with integral lighting, 850 linear feet of leather straps. This is the first crew award for Mock Woodworking.

Sauer BX Award

Craftsmen: Steve H and Clayton W of Sauer Group, Inc.
Winning Work: Pipefitting at The Ohio State University Pomerene Hall The installation of a new piping system at Ohio State’s Pomerene Hall is the exceptional work of Steve Hawkins and Clayton Wescott. The historic building presented structural challenges that included restricted entry to the basement through a four-foot wide opening. Tight coordination and layout required the craftsmen to be creative in solving problems in the field. The use of laser scanning in the attic and basement aided in the complex installation of hot and chilled water piping, a new utility steam system and piping to various equipment, heat exchangers, pumps and air handlers. The team often worked in constricted areas and used existing shafts to run new pipe in order to limit consumption of additional space. A majority of the piping was fabricated offsite and modified in the field. This is the first crew award for Sauer Group.

SME BX Award

Craftsmen: Donald D, James F, Mike G, Mark G and Richy P of Settle-Muter Electric, Ltd.
Winning Work: Electrical installation and upgrades at Mount Carmel East Hospital The combined experience of the crew from Settle-Muter Electric is evident in the electrical work at the hospitals new bed tower and existing generator building. A high level of detail was required for the layout and installation of more than 250 underground conduits to the main electrical room. Equipment included a 13,200-volt primary switch, two-unit substations and multiple transformers and distribution panelboards. Upgrades to the emergency back-up system included the addition of a two-megawatt generator, two-2,500 kVA step-up transformers and five sections of paralleling switchgear. In both the new service and the upgrades, all installation and wire terminations had to be exact. Meticulous planning by the crew was critical in keeping the operating systems from interruption of service. This is the first crew award for Settle-Muter Electric.

TSG BX Award

Craftsmen: Chris E, Dwane E, Kyler F, Nick R and Matt S of The Superior Group
Winning Work: Electrical overhead conduit installation at Mount Carmel Grove City Hospital The Superior Group crew were responsible for the impressive electrical conduit work at the 500,000-square-foot healthcare facility. The year-long project involved the installation of power from the second level electrical room to feed multiple areas throughout the building. The craftsmen’s expertise can be seen in the near flawless concentric bends, with each connection placed within one-inch of the original design. Limited spacing, tight schedules and extremely coordinated layouts were several of the challenges faced by the crew. The restrictive ceiling space often required conduit be stacked on top of another. In total, close to 30,000 feet of Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT) were used in the install. This is the second crew award for The Superior Group.

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