5 Heroic Tools, OPE Equipment You Can’t Live Without and So Much More! Coptool Week In Review – 5/24/19 – Ep 209

VCG is as seen on TV, The Essential Craftsman Solves all of the Problems, And we reveal two new segments on the show! This is your Coptool Week In Review!

Milwaukee Portable Shop Wet/Dry Vac – Pro Tools Podcast

For no reason in particular, we have 3, 2-gallon shop vacs on the show today, the first showed up on the Tool Pros Podcast YouTube channel, where Brent showed off the new Milwaukee M18 portable shop wet dry vac. Now Brent is an HVAC pro, so the ability to easily carry a small wet vac with him is pretty significant. After spending 4 minutes praising its virtues, he strangely concludes “This thing really sucks” To learn why head over to tool pros podcast on YouTube.

Top 5 Tools for Problem Solving – The Essential Craftsman

This week, Scott decided to highlight 5 of his favorite problem-solving tools. Now YouTube had pretty much ruined the “top 5” style videos for us. We were fully expecting all 5 to be “duct tape”. But as it turns out Scott shares 5 unique tools that turn out to be incredibly handy when it comes to solving problems. To see the rest, you’ll need to visit Essential Craftsman on YouTube.

Cub Cadet Ultima Zt1 – Tools In Action

A couple of weeks ago the TIA crew gave us a first look at the all new Cub Cadet Ultima Zt1, a zero turn mower with a unique square tube frame design. After a few weeks of use, Dan posted a new comprehensive review of the eye-catching mower and found a remarkable number of things to love about this cub. To get a closer look for yourself, head over to Tools in Action on YouTube.

Sand Net Disc’s – Tool Review Zone

The Tool Review Zone took a look at a popular alternative to sandpaper. These are Diablo’s new Sand Net disc, featuring a clog-reducing net design coated in premium aluminum oxide grit. The results are an affordable alternative that improves dust vacuuming and lasts 10 times longer than paper. To prove that last point, Clint literally clamps his orbital sander down to a piece of MDF and runs it for 5 minutes straight. To see if it lives up to the hype, hit up the tool review zone on YouTube.

Magical Super Socket – VCG Construction

VCG decided to take a look at the magical super socket that solves all of your nut driving problems! Vince got one of his own and filled a Home Depot bag with random nuts, bolts, wing nut, eye bolt and more. I honestly thought he was going to break that thing in no time, but it actually lasted for quite a while. Vince got a bit excited and started running around his shop, loosening every bolt he could find!  You can see his complete review at VCG Construction on YouTube.

Waving Wooden American Flag – Fisher’s Shop

For my project of the week, we head over to the wildly entertaining Drew Fisher from Fisher’s Shop. In honor of Memorial Day, I found one of his projects from about a year ago where he designed a wooden waving American flag. He talks you through how he made every painstaking detail. I really appreciated that he showed you his trial and error process with how to burn each stripe. In your free time this weekend head over to Fisher’s Shop on YouTube! You won’t be disappointed. 

Makita Portable Shop Wet/Dry Vac – Pro Tool Reviews

Here’s the second 2-gallon vac in our show today. This time it’s the Makita XCV11, put through its paces by the guys at Pro Tool Reviews. The Makita is priced a bit higher at $159 for the bare tool, but it holds some serious bragging rights in the endurance area. The thing runs for 30 minutes on High, and an HOUR on low! That’s with only a 5amp hour battery! Even with the battery, it only weighs about 10lbs. The most shocking thing? Clint gave us an excellent overview of a competent portable vac, and never once jokes about how bad it “sucks”. Well done Clint. You’re a better man than I. You can learn more at pro tool reviews on YouTube.

Makita OPE – Tool Pig

Before we go we’re going to take a quick look at a few of our favorite Instagram posts this week. First off, we’ve been watching the ToolPig play with some new Makita outdoor equipment recently, specifically their Brush Cutter, on which he decided to mount an old 12” carbide blade. The results were amazing

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Crazy! I never expected this. @makitatools Brush cutter head with an old 12” carbide blade getting after it! I don’t think this is recommended but it shows the awesome power of the Couple shaft powerhead system! It’s a heavy full kerf combination blade I’ve had for years I’d like to try a sharper one. I think it would even do better?? The retaining nut is a nylock nut so I don’t see this coming off any time soon. There is a 4 point steel blade sold for this brush cutter attachment. Use that one if you get one. Available at @acmetools hit the link in my bio. Use code Toolpig for 10% off till May 31 #ope #saw #sawblade #brushcutter #stringtrimmer #outdoorpower #OutdoorPowerEquipment ##weedeater #weedtrimmer #grasstrimmer #treetrimmer #powerhead #powerheadsystem

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EGO Edger? – Tools By Design

Speaking of outdoor equipment, Toolsbydesign showed off his EGO Blower, using it’s astonishing 580 max CFM to edge his sidewalk. Who needs an edger when you have a blower as powerful as an EGO!


Power Plunger – Stan The Dirt Monkey

Stan the Dirt Monkey has been slowly posting videos from the Hardware Show in Vegas, and this time he found this insane power plunger that works with any power drill. I oddly want to try it, and run from it at the same time.


DeWalt Collection – The French Canadian Carpenter

And last of all, The French Canadian Carpenter himself took some time to lay out his collection of DeWALT tools, and shot himself an accidental renaissance. Have your tools ever looked that cool in a photo? I think not. 

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