Welcome to Coptool!

What the heck is a Coptool?

Good question. Our power tool media empire was originally a power tool blog built by Jay from a power tool retail store called Central Ohio Power Tool. You can put the pieces together yourself Sherlock.

Who the heck is Coptool?

Careful with the language bud. Coptool is lead by the often misguided antics of Robert Smith, who writes, directs and acts (terribly) on our channels. Of course if you let a half-wit like that steer the ship, you’ll go to some pretty fun places and see some pretty cool tools… but you’ll never get your show done on time.

Fortunately for us, we have a Sarah. Sarahs in general are incredibly talented, organized, and capable of managing 18v or even 60v chaos. Our Sarah just happens to be better than the average, which is why our show is fun to watch, and always on time. She’s an organizer, writer, actor (good) and videographer. She also just happens to love powertools and building things with them.

How can I reach out to Coptool?

If you are interested in advertising on Coptool.com, please send inquiries to info@coptool.com or use the form below.