Battery Powered Chainsaws are Declared “Good”! And More! – Coptool Week In Review 4/12/19 – Ep 203

This week The ToolPig cleans up, Kyle takes on Gas, we all learn to weld and ToolBoxBuzz braces for a major milestone! This is your Coptool Week In Review!

RR Buildings – Is a Battery Powered Chainsaw any GOOD? Toolsday

We start out this week on Toolsday with Kyle from RR Building, who decides to take a stand, risk it all, and declare battery powered chainsaws… “Good”. He shares his experience with the Milwaukee and DeWALT, in contrast to his initial missteps with gas. So, before the world of gas chainsaws descends upon his channel, be sure to check out the video for yourself at RR Buildings on Youtube.


Essential Craftsman – Budget Welding Set Up

A brilliant man recently asked me, “Sarah, why don’t you guys cover welding on the Week In Review?”. To which I replied, “Uhhhh Uhhh”. How about this Billy… One of our favorite metal workers posted a video this week titled “Budget Welding Set Up”. The Essential Craftsman put together the perfect starter guide for makers anxious to give welding a try. If you dream of eventually welding a stack of dimes yourself, check out Essential Craftsmen on Youtube.


Dirt Monkey – How NOT to install hardwood floors – before, during and after.

We always enjoy watching Stan, no matter the hijinks. But we never thought we’d enjoy watching him manage a single man, floor installation team, but we did. For 20 minutes we watch Freddie lay down some wood flooring, then pull it up, then put it down, the pull it… you know what, just go watch it. It’s informative and funny, and worth your 20 minutes this weekend. It’s over at Dirt Monkey on Youtube.


Sarah’s Projects of the Week

For my Project of the Week we head down to Texas for some sunshine, blue skies April Wilkerson and Whiskey! April shared a project this week where she made a custom piece of wall art featuring Texas Whiskey bottle tops! If you don’t live in Texas or collect one of a kind whiskey bottle tops you can adapt these plans to make one using bottle caps instead. If you do live in Texas and have the urge to send us some Whiskey, I may even share with Rob. You can find April’s video over on her youtube channel!


I wanted to sneak a second project into the show this week because well…it is just awesome. Jacob Elliot from Explosive Woodworks posted a couple of photos of a steel rolling shop chair with an upholstered cushion. It is a little bit ironic that the Explosive Woodworker welded a chair, but he’s just that good! There are few details about how he made it, but you can see the pretty pictures at Explosive Woodworks on Instagram!


ToolBoxBuzz 100k – Tool Giveaway

Our friends over at Tool Box Buzz are only days away from hitting 100k subs, and they teamed up with Milwaukee to give away an enormous pile of tools worth over $2000! All you have to do is visit their video on youtube and leave a comment, specifically calling out your favorite TBB video. So head over to Tool Box Buzz on youtube.


OZ Tool Talk – Milwaukee Circular Saw with 12ah High Demand

Speaking of Milwaukee, the two greatest tool reviewers in the southern hemisphere took on the new Milwaukee M18 Fuel 7 and a quarter inch Circ saw, with the new High Demand 12Ah Battery. Dwain and Mike do what they do best, and give us a great look at not only the saw, but the new HD battery as well. Go watch Dwain and Mike at Oz Tool Talk on youtube.


ToolPig – Makita 36V Powerhead attachment

Before we go, we’re going to swing by Instagram where The Tool Pig acquired a whole slew of new OPE products from Makita and gives us a close up of the XUX01 powerhead and the power broom attachment. He makes quick work of the dirt on his patio and then proceeds to clean the dirtiest slab of concrete we’ve ever seen…. In slow-mo… Paul says there are a bunch of other attachments he plans to feature soon, so if you’re not already following him on Instagram, nows the time.


Tool Pro Podcast – Coptool Interview

That’s perfect, because we have an awesome Makita OPE contest this week! But before we do that, let’s talk about us! Have you ever wondered who Rob and I really are? Why on earth our channel is called “Coptool”? Or maybe want to know how we put this show together each week? Well Brent and Billy of the Tool Pros Podcast invited us onto their show this week, where they tricked us into revealing all of our secrets. (ROB: Fun fact, Sarah had a blazing headache through the entire interview, and now that I told you, you’ll hear it in every word she says.) We had a ton of fun chatting with the Tool Pros, and we hope you take the time to listen! You can find the Tool Pros Podcast wherever fine podcasts are found. Or just play it below!


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