Blaklader Flame Retardant HRC 2 FR Rated Work Pants

FR work pants

Not all FR Rated clothing is created equal, as several materials, treatments and combinations will qualify for various Ratings. The standard compliance is the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E, which then further rates appeal into HRC (Hazard/Risk Category) from 1-4. It should be not surprise the new Blaklader FR Work Pant 1636 ($119) meet and exceed the HRC 2 rating required 8.0 calories/cm2 arc rating. These pants actually provide 11.7 cal/cm2, higher than many other HRC 2 rated pants and certainly more than the HRC 1 items which only require 4.0 cal/cm2 arc rating.

FR Blaklader

Of course the Blaklader FR work pants include high end construction and all the other features that make Blaklader work pants so popular in the first place. Including: front flap pockets which can be tucked in, knee pad pockets, triple stitching, bellowed pockets and many other popular features. So you can now enjoy all the comforts and knee protection but in an FR rated work pant.

Check out all the full line of Blacklader work pants, jackets and other apparel (perhaps a utility kilt?) at Ohio Power Tool and give the pros a call with any questions 800-242-4424. They can also help with other FR or arc rated items such as welding jackets or welding body harnesses.

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