Coptool – Week In Review – 7/5/19 – EP 215

Welcome back to Coptool! This week AvE fails 8 times, we have all of the comparos, and all of the pipes froze! Those stories and more, coming up next. THIS is your Coptool Week In Review!


Usually, if a content creator sets out to build something great, and fails… 8 times, they don’t upload the video. But not AVE. Nope, instead he shared all 14 minutes and 8 attempts to mill a new mast head for his submarine themed BBQ. And if that sentence confuses you, well, you haven’t watched enough AvE yet. You can find him on Youtube.


Tool Box Buzz up to their old Jigs and tricks again, this time putting 9 popular cordless angle grinders to the test. Power, ergonomics, endurance. They cover everything we’ve grown to expect from their detailed comparos. Hilti and Bosch claimed 3rd and 2nd respectively, but 1st place, well, you’ll have to go watch for yourself to find out, and then promptly disagree in the comments below. You can find the full 20 minute video at Tool Box Buz on YouTube, and read the full article at


Doresoom took a break from solving problems for astronauts… seriously… to review the DeWALT 20v Max XR Cordless Compact Router.  Nate could have carefully used the router to make a few pretty edges but instead proceeds to beat the living crap out of it, and comes away really impressed with the power, balance and build quality. Now we just need him to compare it to the new Milwaukee Compact Router! Until then, you can find the review at doresoom tool reviews on youtube.


Another in depth mega comparo was published this week. This time, by the guys at Pro Tool Reviews, and this was easily their biggest yet. 50, Cordless Drills. I seriously had no clue there were that many. Of course one was by fisher price and another by hasbro, but still… 50! They spent a ton of time comparing power, ergonomics, and their ability to compress a front spring from a Ford Ranger (Rob: FINALLY) Right? You can find out who won each category at Pro tool reviews on Youtube, and read no less than 4 new comparo articles at pro tool reviews dot com. 


We can always count on Matt for informative looks inside the world of tradesmen, but this week, he decided to fill copper pipes with water, seal them off with a variety of techniques, including sweat on, pex and press fittings, and then freeze them. Now I’m no plumber, but I was pretty sure they would all burst. You know… because of expanding water. The same kind that splits mountains in half. Wanna guess what happens? You can see for yourself at Matt Risinger on youtube.


This week April Wilkerson posted a video where she and her mama built a dog wading pool complete with perfectly spaced deck boards, a kiddie pool, an easy drain system and shade from the sun. Perfect for any four legged friend in your life! My dog would LOVE this. Maybe this will be my holiday weekend plans! Go check it out and get the plans from April Wilkerson on Youtube. If you have a project or find a project I should feature, please email it to me at Projects at coptool dot com 




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Got a bit of time in this evening- all about breaking down some of the hardwoods for smaller projects. I try and do this in bulk so that it saves time when assembling. Next I’ll rip some of these boards into various smaller pieces for cutting boards and the like. I find this is a really efficient way to knock out a lot of prep work. * * * Tools Used- Skilsaw Miter Saw Empire Square Isotunes Earbuds Wood from Clark’s and Rockler * * * Side Note- I didn’t connect my Dust Extractor. ??‍♀️? definitely a regret! * * * @skilsawstaytrue @empirelevel @isotunesaudio @clarks_hardwood_lumber @rockler_woodworking #skilsaw #hardwood #squares #measure #prep #prepwork #wood #woodwork #woodworker #mitersaw #toolgirlsgarage #womanwoodworker #maker #makermom #makerspace #woodlife #maple #paduak #canary #walnut #rosewood #oak

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Bosch sent to me their 12V cordless planer, here’s what I think of it ! . . Ok, I only worked 2-3 days but this little guy appear to be very useful. The run time is correct for a 2.0 12V batterie, but can be largely expend with a 6.0. I used it on 2X4-6 and BC fir and it worked perfectly. Obviously don’t put the planer on the maximum height (5/64) or it will stall or go really slow. . . What I like the most about this tool is that it’s super compact and lightweight ! It fit in my left pouch and I can carry it everywhere. . . This tool is that it’s like an iPad. As long as you don’t have one you don’t care about it. But at the moment you get one you just can’t work without it ( ok it’s a bit exaggerated but you got the idea ) . . Do you use hand planer or corded/cordless planer in your jobsite or workshop ? Is it something popular ? Tell me right down below ??????

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Mine and dad’s “10 second” task entry?? In hopes to win the redbull #jointhecrew 1000 experience. Pretty fun comp to enter. @redbullau Enter on their website. ??? #redbullau #melbournetradies #melbournechippychick #win #getonit #10secondtask #construction #ppe #safety #dad #melbournebuilders

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Behind the scenes of the making of CHANNELLOCK® Pliers in Meadville, PA.

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New Tools and Insight – Tool Crave Podcast

And finally, today, if you’re looking for something to listen to while you mow the lawn this weekend, we’ve got a couple of quick recommendations. First up, Timothy chats with Marc Lyman of Home Fixated, on the latest episode of the Tool Crave Podcast. Besides some great insights into new tools, Marc is also a real estate agent and provides some inside tips for home buyers. Visit Tool Crave Podcast Website


Leatherman – Tool Pros Podcast

Billy and Brent of the Tool Pros Podcast interviewed Adam Lansenby this week, from Leatherman. They talk about the ever-expanding line of leatherman multi-tools, including the new Free series, that offers almost all of the tools and features of the popular Wave, but in a new configuration making it a one-hand operation. You can find either podcast on iTunes or wherever fine podcasts are stored.  iTunes



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