Diablo 9 in.10 TPI Carbide Medium Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade

Hungry for a clean metal cut? This new Diablo reciprocating saw blade is the first blade with carbide teeth blades designed specifically for cutting medium metals and high strength alloys. We definitely noticed a smooth cut and less vibration than other comparable blades when cutting through metals in the shop.

At just over 15 bucks it’s a no brainer purchase, especially given the fact that it will last 50 times longer than other standard bi-metal blades. We’re hungry for clean metal cuts, but not hungry for several blade purchases when we can simply buy just one!

Diablo continues to redefine metal cutting. Make this reciprocating saw blade your next replacement, and if you don’t like it, you’ve got 90 days to return all 90 carbide teeth of it!  Tasty! Available now at Home Depot.

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