Diamond Products Core Cut Liquid Cooled 66HP Concrete Saw CC6566

Cut Core Diamond Saw

Just announced at the 2013 World of Concrete, the Diamond Products Cut Core CC6566 (06/2016 * Note CC6566 is now CC6571 Tier4 Final) walk behind saw might not find a home in every garage in America but if you are in the market of a large walk behind saw it should definitely be on the short list of considerations. The goal of this new saw design was a clean, simple, trouble free design that would be tough as nails and put out the most power they could squeeze into the frame. The saw is big but still small enough to fit through a standard 36” door way, so fairly compact for a saw fitted with a 42” concrete diamond blade. Keeping the cost down on this saw was another very big driving force as well, not only in initial purchasing price, which starts at $25,000 but also to greatly reducing operating costs, expensive repairs and downtime.

KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

This saw is really built with simplicity in mind, so that it not only holds up in all sorts of brutal conditions in the field but also that it is the most easily serviceable saw. Starting with the very dependable 66HP Kubota diesel engine as the power plant, the motor actually gets transverse mounted with the liquid cooled radiator, built on the side of the motor. By turning the motor position this actually put the output shaft and drive shaft perpendicular so all that is needed are 10 belts with the very straight forward belt tensioning system to transfer power output. Other similar saws where the motor position has not been changed have the output shaft facing perpendicular to the blade and implement a gearbox and a series of belts which of course is a much more costly/complicated system to get the power to the blade. With thousands of hours of field testing for this saw one of the most raved about features of the saw was how easy it was to trouble shoot and repair right on the jobsite.

Diamond Products CC6566

In the spirit of keeping things simple the single speed CC6566 saw ($22,365) would be the ideal option however this means you’ll need to keep the same size blade on the saw for the most part. If the saw needs to change blade sizes somewhat regularly the three speed CC6566 saw ($24,624) will actually allow fairly easy changing between 6 different sizes ranging from 14”-42”. This is accomplished by switching the blade guards and a few other easy steps anyone could be trained to do. Making these decisions and configuring the right size concrete saw with the proper diamond blade for your needs will most likely take some professional advice, give the team at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will work to make sure all your needs are meet.

Core Cut Concrete Saw

Liquid-cooled engine allows for a smoother running, longer lasting saw and higher productivity
Fits through a 36″ wide door frame
Oil bath bladeshaft comes standard
Self propelled with hyrdrostatic transmission
Quick release bladeshaft / flange and rear wheels
Strongest frame on the market
Less rear weight for easy maneuvering and reduced operator fatigue
One hand sawing control

CC6566 Specifications:
Blade shaft diameter: 2”
Arbor size: 1” w/drivepin
Blade shaft drive: 10 belt
Blade mounting: Right or Left
Blade raise & lower: Electro-hydraulic pump
Transmission: Eaton Model 10
Drive speed: 0-200 feet/min
Air filter: 4 Stage
Fuel capacity: 9 gallons

Electric Start
Hour meter
Frame lift
Telescoping front pointer
Parking brake
Bladeshaft tachometer
Cutting depth indicator
Quick disconnect blade flanges
Oil bath blade shaft

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