Shockwave Right Angle

Every Impact Driver Needs A Right-Angle Attachment

Shockwave Right Angle

A decade or so ago there were no such thing as a cordless impact driver, today they are the most popular power tools on the jobsite. We’d argue nearly every single one of them should have a Right Angle Adapter within reach, getting into tight spaces, there simply is no better option. These have been around for some time from Milwaukee, Dewalt and others, however none of the right angle adapters designed 5+ years ago were built to handle the higher torque of today’s impact drivers. That is until now with the launch of the new Milwaukee Shockwave Adapter 48-32-2390 ($19) which is designed to handle the 2000 in-lbs torque or more from impacts like the M18 FUEL 2853-20 ($129)! Shipping in the next few weeks these should be a big hit for summer.

Milwaukee Shockwave Right Angle

Must be Heavy Duty with Custom Alloy76…

The intention of this adapter is for use with today’s most powerful impact drivers, they use Custom Alloy76 Steel specifically engineered to extend the life of their driver accessories, hardened gears in head to transfer power and a ShockWave length on the inside to absorb higher peak torque. Is Custom Alloy76 Steel really a thing? It’s trademarked so seems fancy, all steel does have different properties and for sure there is some imported garbage that is either too brital or too soft, so it does make sense for Milwaukee to start naming and trademark their different steel applications. Similar to their new Shockwave Matrix Carbide for their new bit tips that’ll last seemingly forever but with distinctly different formulation of steel.

Dewalt Impact Attachment

Dewalt DWARA100 vs Milwaukee 48-32-2390

These adapters are not typically an all the time solution, but when you need one there often is nothing else that’ll work better. Dewalt was the first to offer an impact option in their Impact Ready DWARA100 which they claim at the time would outperform the Milwaukee 48-32-2100 by 5x times. So no surprise now that Milwaukee has a very similar Impact ShockForce unit, with very similar dimensions they are claiming 6x time the life of Dewalt, and 30x life of their previous 48-32-2100 (now discontinued). We have used the Dewalt, it has been a very good unit for us, but on their own website the reviews are somewhat negative “Works well for screws. Not Impact Ready!” is literally the first review that popped up for us. If Milwaukee can make something that’ll hold up to today’s true impact abuse, driving lag bolts, 1-1/4” paddle bits, socket adapters and every other application people use/abuse their impact drivers for than this will be a huge hit! We’ll keep our eyes out for Dewalt to answer their call at some point in future, maybe a  DWARA200 perhaps yellow team??

Milwaukee Impact Attachment

Milwaukee 48-32-2390

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