Genius Socket Set and the Ultimate Thickness Planer – Coptool Week In Review 3/22/2019

This week we find some really cool sockets, TBB chooses the greatest thickness planer, TRZ refuses to dance and DeWalt goes SUBATOMIC! All that and more on your Coptool Week In Review!

Best Benchtop Thickness Planer

We kick off this week with yet another mega review from the mega crew at Tool Box Buzz. This time they tackle the world of Benchtop Thickness Planers. The guys pit 8 different brands against each other, and to find out which one came out on top, you’ll have to watch for yourself at Tool Box Buzz on youtube.

Milwaukee Powered Caulk Gun

It’s Toolsday again! At least it was a few days ago, and Kyle surprised us this week with a rather unique tool. A Milwaukee powered Caulk Gun. It’s not hard to guess what this thing does, and as he points it out, it’s not a necessity for everyone. We loved his way of describing this type of purchase.“Buy Once Cry Once”

Don’t forget to enjoy your Toolsday at RR Buildings on Youtube.

New DeWalt Atomic Tools

Atomic Drill Driver DCD708DeWalt announced 6 new additions to their 20v Max system, all part of a new Atomic Compact Series. A Drill, Circ Saw, multi-tool and a few others are all compact, smaller tools, perfect for those hard to reach spaces. For those REALLY hard to reach spaces, they also announced a line of Sub Atomic tools you can keep on your keychain. /s

You can read more right here at

Don’t buy Makita Gold Power Bits!

Vince is toying with us this week by posting a series of “Don’t buy this” or “Never ever buy that” videos, including one that warns you up front to never buy Makita gold power bits. He then proceeds to spend 6 minutes telling us how great the bits are, then points out that they’re not magnetic, but THEN points out that Makita has the best slip-on magnet in the business! So do we hate these things or love them?! You can watch the video and decide for yourself at VCG Construction on youtube

Sarah’s Projects of the Week

My first project this week is from John Heisz at I Build It on Youtube. In this entertaining and instructional video, John walks us through how he made this crazy sturdy patio table from Cedar, so strong that it should last you many seasons of backyard BBQ’s and 4th of July Parties! If you are feeling extra ambitious to get your backyard BBQ ready you can check out his video for the table AND the matching Deck Chairs on his Youtube Channel!


This next project is from Anne of All Trades. She made a Dovetail Whiskey Cabinet this week that is just stunning. There are several little details in this project that just make me happy like the continuous grain flow around the entire cabinet, the two-tone wood choice, the attention to OCD detail and the little handle that compliments the darker wood on the door. But you can check out the details for yourself on Youtube at Anne Of All Trades!

That’s it for me this week, if you find a project or have a project you think I should feature on the show, email it to me at

Klein Tools and Their Awesome New Sockets

This week Klein released a new set of Impact sockets with a genius coaxial spring loaded socket that essentially makes each one, two sizes. And That’s cool and all, but I’m almost happier about the color coding making it easy to grab the right size without trying to read tiny text long covered with grease. If color coding and coaxial spring loaded sockets are not enough to make you happy, then don’t bother reading more about these at the Klein tools website

All New Ridgid Octane Impact Gun

The new Ridgid Octane Impact looks great! The Tool Review Zone review is full of useful information which is no surprise. If you’re interested in a detailed review of the new R 95 Hundred Ridgid Octane Impact, you shouldn’t miss this video. You can find it at Tool Review Zone on Youtube

Kruger Construction-Milwaukee 1 ¾” M18 SDS MAX

Before we close out this week, let’s stop by Instagram, where Kruger Construction spent some time convincing us all that the new Milwaukee 1 and 3/4 inch M18 SDS MAX drill is invaluable on the job site. If you have to drill enormous holes in concrete, the Milwaukee proves to get the job done with a few batteries, meaning they didn’t have to bring a generator onto the job site. You can see more at Kruger Construction on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

We gave the New 1-3/4” M18 Sds Max a good workout last week • We were able to drill four 1-1/4” holes off of one 12ah • It seemed to do it just like a corded model except with no cord of course • They would have had to bring out a generator to do all the work that we got done with 2 12ah batteries • @greenlee_construction__ had a lot of holes to drill so we did some comparisons as well, I’ll talk about that in another post • I can say right now that we were impressed with the power this thing provides from an 18v battery . . . @milwaukeetool #contractor #construction #tools #newtools #concrete #carpenter #wood #rotaryhammer #milwaukeetool #milwaukeetools #canada #NBHD

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What’s your Jigsaw Reach?

The big pig himself realized he had 7 different jigsaws on hand, and used the opportunity to compare the amount of usable blade on each one. We don’t recommend you make a purchase based on this one measurement alone, but it’s still oddly fun to watch. Most of what you’ll find on Toolpig’s account, IS fun to watch. You can find him at Toolpig on Instagram

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