Great Deals on NiCd Tools and Only Getting Better

As everyone moves over to lithium ion tools we are seeing some really great deals on the NiCd tools. The manufacturers are producing more and more lithium ion which is great because it drives the prices down. On the other hand the manufactures still have warehouses full of NiCd tools they want to get out the door. What does that mean for us consumers? Great prices! At Ohio Power Tool you can buy a Milwaukee 14.4V NiCd combo kit with Drill/Driver, flashlight, 2 batteries, charger and case for $137.60. These kits retailed a very short time ago for $326.00 and they flew off the shelves. These are great tools from Milwaukee, one of the best manufacturers of Power Tools. Like everything we sell these tools are brand new (no refurbished tools ever) and they have the full 5 year warrants. We have hundreds of customers out there with NiCd tools, rest assured we will be servicing and provide parts for all the NiCd we sell for at least another 5-10 years.

V28 and V18 tools are clearly the future and nobody is fighting that. If you want a V18 Drill/Driver the prices are coming down on those as well (just not as fast) V18 Drill/Driver & Impact Kit for $299.00. If you currently have an 18 volt NiCd Milwaukee system you can easily upgrade to lithium ion with this kit: V18 2 batteries & charger 48-11-1833  

Of course everyone wants the latest and greatest tools; you wouldn’t be reading a blog about power tools if you didn’t take some pride in your arsenal. For $137.60 there is no shame in adding a few brand new Milwaukee tools to your line up. These things will more than pay for themselves over the many years you will be using them. Call Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 if you have any questions about selecting the right Milwaukee tools. 


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