Greenlee PROVL Lithium Ion Cordless 3.6V, 14.4V, 21.6V, 28.8V

Recently Greenlee announced they would be launching several new cordless tools in their lineup of PROVL lithium ion tools. Greenlee is one of the most respected names for specialty electrician tools and have one of the largest book of products, everything from hand tools to knockouts to large cable pullers. These new cordless tools are among the most common which they surprisingly did not have previously including several varieties of drills and a metal cutting circular saw. Greenlee has made many cordless tools before for their specialty crimping and punch tools however those tools have all used the Makita 18V Lithium Ion platform batteries.

It will be interesting to see where Greenlee goes with their new platform of cordless tools. It would seem to make sense that all their cordless tools might adopt their own proprietary battery system. These new Greenlee batteries are 2nd generation Cobalt Lithium Ion, although we are not exactly sure what Cobalt Lithium means, and feature 2 stage charging to get more juice to the battery even if it’s only charging for a few minutes.

We do not like that for the 7 new tools launched there are 4 different voltages! That means batteries are not compatible even if the charger is, which is still terrible inconvenient. We are very interested to see the long term strategy here as Greenlee is a very respected name and almost every electrician owns at least a few Greenlee tools. For more info on each new cordless tool available watch the youtube video below and read more of the Greenlee marketing below that.

When it comes to making holes on the jobsite, electrical contractors reach for Greenlee’s  power tool accessories to get the job done – whether it be our Nail Eater® Auger Bits, Drill/Tap Bits, Kwik Stepper®  Bits, Spade Bits, D’Versibit® System or our QuickChange Hole Saws.

Now you can get optimum performance from our already highly-reputable hole making and power tool accessories with Greenlee’s new line of battery power tools. These power tools are compact, lightweight and cordless, yet powerful, heavy-duty and ergonomically designed for working in tight spaces like panel boxes. Our power tools are powered by second-generation Cobalt Lithium-Ion batteries, which provide lower internal resistance than traditional Lithium-Ion batteries and store more amp hours than most of the competitors’ batteries – meaning more work can be done with one charge.

 So now is the time to get your hands on Greenlee! Choose from our 3.6V screwdriver; 14.4V drill/driver, circular saw or rotary hammer drill/driver; 21.6V drill/driver and hammer drill/driver; or the very strong 28.8V heavy-duty rotary hammer. Each tool is powered with the proper voltage to meet the tool’s requirements, which gives electrical contractors the right amount of power and flexibility for just about any jobsite application.

LSD-36 3.6V Drill/Driver – This screwdriver can be used to drive a wide variety of screws and to drill small diameter holes. To fit a variety of situations, it can be used as a straight tool or as a pistol style tool. It has 21 clutch stages to precisely provide the right torque for almost any screw, and when the clutch setting is reached, the tool automatically shuts off to save battery and clutch life.

LCS-144 14.4V Circular Saw – The Greenlee circular saw is designed primarily to cut metal—almost any metal. This includes conduit, strut, and threaded rod. Plus, the blade doesn’t leave burrs, so chasing threads or filing the edges isn’t needed.  The full surround blade guard contains most of the chips, and with its compact size, it will work where larger saws can’t. It even has a LED work light so you can make straight cuts in dark locations.

LDD-144 14.4V Drill Driver – This drill/driver is small and light. It is easy to carry around and easy to fit into tight spaces.  Yet, with its 14.4V LI-ION battery, it has enough power to drive Greenlee’s top performing Self-Feeding spade bits—up to 42 holes in 1-1/2" wood with a 7/8" bit. With 18 clutch settings, it can be set to drive just about any screw properly.

LRH-144 14.4V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill – With this one tool, you can do a complete concrete anchor installation. In the hammer mode, you can use a SDS masonry bit to drill the anchor hole. Then you can change to the drilling mode and use the included bit adapter to drive the screw into the anchor. Plus the LRH-144 has 5 clutch settings so you can use just the right amount of torque for the screw. The 14.4V LI-ION battery provides plenty of power to drill up to 12 holes of 1/2" diameter x 1-1/2" deep in concrete.

LDD-216 21.6V Drill/Driver – This drill/driver is a rugged workhorse for day after day heavy-duty drilling, yet at 5.4 pounds it is one of the lightest drills in its class. The high capacity 21.6V LI-ION battery delivers plenty of power to drill up to 139 holes 3/4" diameter in 1-1/2" wood. It includes an accessory handle for better control, and it features an 18 stage clutch so you can drive screws to just the right torque.

LHD-216 21.6V Hammer Drill/Driver – The LHD-216 provides the same heavy-duty drilling and bit driving performance as the LDD-216 drill/driver, plus it offers the hammer function for drilling up to 1/2" holes in masonry and up to 5" holes in plywood. It is truly a multipurpose tool. Turn the chuck collar to any of the 18 clutch positions for bit driving, or to the drilling or the hammer drill position. Yet with all of these functions, it only weighs 5.6 pounds.

LRH-288 28.8V SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill – This is one tough rotary hammer. With its magnesium gear case housing that provides excellent heat dispersal and its cooling fan that flows air around the gear case, it is capable of drilling up to 9/16" diameter holes in concrete continuously. Also, the large cooling fan provides enough air flow to prevent too
l-killing dust buildup, and the two-finger trigger is sealed to prevent dust entry. Use the Soft hammer selection for holes up to 3/16" diameter and the Hard hammer selection for holes from 3/16" through 3/4" diameter.

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