Grey Pneumatic Duo Socket Sets for Impacts & Ratchets

Many of us have multiple socket sets, perhaps even full drawers of them, SAE or Metric, 6 point or 12 point, standard of deep, chrome or impacts, all with various drive sizes ¼”, 3/8”, ½”, etc. Over the years we’ve seen lots of All-in-One solutions for sockets but we would not consider many of them for professionals. The Grey Pneumatic Duo Sockets would be one exception there, impact rated sockets with thin wall design that allow them to perform exceptionally well as a hand ratchet set. Could you really have just one sockets set?

We like Grey Pneumatic Sockets, a high quality product at a good price, but yes they are imports. They’ve always done a great job with Impact Sockets but a few years ago they wanted to get into hand sockets and ratchets as well, instead of slapping a GP on some generic chrome sockets they set out to solve a bigger problem. Why can’t there be an Impact Socket Set that performs just as well for hand use. And the Duo-Socket were born, all sets include ratchets and extensions and a nice hard case that can go on the road or come apart for use in the drawer of the tool chest.

When looking at these against other impact sockets they are designed a little differently, the thin wall design shaves some weight and allows for access to tighter spaces. They do give up a little in length on the deep sockets and while built to hold up to power of today’s top impact wrenches the standard Grey Pneumatic Sockets have got to have a higher fail point if you’re really abusive to your sockets. Of course all GP sockets do have a lifetime warranty against failure like you other top brands, at least with Ohio Power Tool if you bought them there, it as easy as just swap for new and be on your way.

The only complaint for Duo-Sockets to make would be with the ratchets, a solid 72 tooth flush head design but pretty basic; no cushion grips, 120 teeth, pivot head, extended handle or other bells and whistles. It’s more of a nice Impact Socket set that works very well as a hand set. So it doesn’t solve all your socket issues and there are still many options for Duo-Sockets for SAE/Metric, 6 or 12 point, etc but we think it does a great job for professionals that just want 1 set for impacts and hand tighten applications.

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