Ingersoll Rand Impact Socket Sets

The Ingersoll Rand impact socket sets are extremely well built sockets and can handle the toughest abuse. Each set comes in a hard plastic case which holds the individual socket into place. The cases feature strong metal latches and an easy grip handle for carrying. These socket sets are ideal for service vehicles or any mechanic. Price competitively against even the cheapest knockoffs you might as well spend the extra few bucks and get the Ingersoll Rand quality. Select from the standard sizes 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1” available in American (SAE) or Metric. You also have a choice of regular or deep sockets and even a few 1” sets specific to truck maintenance that feature both such as the SK8C5T & SK8H9T 

Currently there are two great specials on Ohio Power Tool for free SK4H13 ½” socket sets with the purchase of either the 1/2" air 2135TiMAX ($249) or the 1/2" Cordless IQv Impact Set W360-LSP ($359). Each great deals on their own but with a $30+ socket set these are some of the best deals on the internet. If you would rather have the ½” metric set SK4M14 you can also place the order by phone and ask to switch for that set instead.  


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