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For some time Ingersoll Rand has been one of the top names in pneumatic tools. Even when Ohio Power Tool started modestly 25 years ago servicing and selling mostly pneumatic tools they were one of the leaders. In fact before starting Ohio Power Tool in 1983 our company president had spent many years prior as a saleman for Ingersoll Rand products across the mid-west. We have grown tremendously and now offer a wide range of pneumatic, electric and hydraulic products as well as rentals and repair service. Since 2008 marks our 25th anniversary in business we wanted to honor of humble beginnings by making serious efforts to be the lowest price supplier for Ingersoll Rand pneumatic tools on the internet; not an easy task with the hundreds of other suppliers out there. I encourage you to do some searching but I think you will find we are one of the cheapest for most products. On top of great prices we also have an extremely knowledgeable staff that will actually pickup the phone and answer your questions, not an overseas call center or automated system… this is done intentionally to provide the best service possible, don’t believe it call 800-242-4424.

Popular Ingersoll-Rand Impact Tools        

2135ti impact 
The ½” 2135 Impact Wrench has been one of the most popular impact wrenches on the market for some time. The newest model is the 2135TiMax ½” Impactool which replaces the 2135Ti. The Ti indicates Titanium Duty, “Max” is the newest line of Titanium Duty which provides additional controls and new triggers, among other improvements. This has become such a popular model because it provides 780 ft. lb. torque and weighs less than 4 lbs. The best power to weight ratio in its class. Our price is $249.72.

For the 1” heavy duty impacts with 6" extended anvils there are two popular models the 285B-6 and 2190Ti-6. Some differences in the models are the 2190Ti is lighter by 11.8 lbs. at 15.5 lbs and provides 200 ft. lb. more power at 1650 ft. lb. torque. It also features a chainsaw style handle specifically made to change large tires on trucks and other equipment. The 285B-6 is an extremely capable machine and if you can handle a little extra weight the price is right at only $399.00, while the 2190Ti-6 is $619.86, also a great price.      

IQv cordless tools
Still fairly new to the Ingersoll Rand brand of tools is the IQv cordless impacts and complete line of cordless tools. Since IR traditionally makes air tools we were pretty skeptical that they would make a cordless line that could really compete with the high end Milwaukee or Bosch lines. I assure you this was not some ill though out re-branded product which we have seen in the past when other manufactures trying to expand their product offerings. The IQv cordless line offers some significant advantages including complete interchangeability with NiCd and Lithium Ion batteries between similarly powered tools. A universal charger and light which work with all the batteries: 7.2v, 14.4v and 19.2v. This line is specifically made for automotive work with size and weight as key factors in design. They weigh up to 35% less than traditional 18v, 24v, 28v and 36v tools but provide 2.4 Ahrs higher than many other cordless tools. The specific tools are also automotive in design with several impacts, drill/drivers, ratchets, grinders, a cutter and the universal light.

There are hundreds of other great products I could go on for days about and obviously IR is extremely well known for more than just impacts. They have so many great pneumatic products including grinders, sanders, cutting tools, drills, air compressors and many more. Find many of our IR products listed on our Ingersoll Rand Home Page. Let us know if you would like to more information on any IR products.

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