Inside Look: Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Super Sawzall 2722-20/22

This is the Milwaukee’s M18 Super Sawzall. It arrived in 2018 with more power, more weight, and a new 12AH battery. It claims to match the power of a 15amp corded version. It features variable speed control in both the trigger and a separate dial, as well as on/off orbital cutting, increased stroke length, and a new LED light & rafter hook. 

On the surface, it certainly looks like a worthy upgrade over Milwaukee’s older version from 2012, or their first One-Key model from 2016. To make sure, we gave it to AJ Delancey of A&D Enterprises to test it out. And of course we gave it to Kris Cousin’s Tool Repair Shop at Ohio Power Tool, so we can see how this thing works.

AJ is no stranger to the Milwaukee line as his cordless collection is Milwaukee exclusive. AJ was impressed with all the power packed into the 2722 M18 Sawzall. He is always happy to “cut the cord” as it can free up some time and eliminates the extra hassle. AJ then notes the weight of Sawzall is pretty heavy, even compared to the corded model. But then explains how the weight is justified by the power it provides.

AJ wraps up his review with the conclusion: “It’ll power through anything.”

After getting job site feedback from AJ, Kris at Ohio Power Tool took it apart to examine its design and features.

With all the notable changes made to this Sawzall, it’s built to replace your 15amp corded Sawzall. Kris notes that like similar corded models, the selector is now a dial and is located on top, directly connected to the gear drive. A few other new features include the new trigger mechanism, minimal wiring and rafter hook.

Thanks again to AJ at A&D Enterprises, and Kris at Ohio Power Tool, for their help on this one. Get your OWN M18 Super Sawzall, either as a kit or a bare tool, at

Check out AJ’s work @Elemental_Designs

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