M18 Threaded Rod Cutter

Inside Look: Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter 2872-21

Only a few weeks ago we announced the launch of the Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter 2872-21 with this post and video. We had only a little time with it before posting this intro and while we love tools and use lots of them, we are not qualified to give real user feedback on a Threaded Rod Cutter like this. We took this tool over to our friends at Mid-City Electric in their Pre-Fab Shop where they cut literally thousands of feet of threaded rod and that we knew were running the Dewalt 20V Threaded Rod Cutter DCS350 already.

M18 Threaded Rod Cutter

We covered the launch of the Dewalt 20V DCS350 in 2017 at their media event and it’s been a good solid unit, very trade specific but very effective at what it is built to do cut threaded rod. As we’d all expect when a competitor like Milwaukee Tool launches their tool 2 years later, they’ve done their homework to address any user complaints and made some design changes which makes the new 2872-21 more user friendly.

M18 2872-21 Threaded Rod Cutter

In addition to running it in an heavy use environment we also had Aaron Mezger, a tool repair expert, in the Coptool shop to actually strip down the unit and see what makes it go.

Milwaukee M18 2872-20

The reality is between these two you’ll probably stick with the battery platform you’re already on but for all the Milwaukee M18 Tool fans you’ve now got a solution in Red. Below is our original demo video on the M18 Threaded Rod Cutter.

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