Inside Look: Milwaukee’s M12 3-Inch Cut-Off Tool 2522

We first found this tool at NPS 2018, and everyone was impressed with “the little cut-off tool that could.” And by that I mean, it could cut through all sorts of metal, tile, and construction materials, despite being on Milwaukee’s smaller 12V battery platform. Spinning at 20,000 RPMs, this flexible addition to the M12 family of tools is designed to be used with only one hand. It ships with a Carbide Abrasive blade, Diamond Tile blade, a metal cut off wheel, and a handy shoe guard complete with a dust collection port. 

Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL 3″ Compact Cut Off Tool | Cut Through Metal, Tile, Drywall and Cement!

We wanted to test it out on a range of different materials, so we gave it to Jason Brown, a maker and craftsman in Central Ohio and Jason put all its features to the test. We also brought it to Kris Cousins at Ohio Power Tool to take an inside look at the motor, features, and design.

When Jason received the M12 Cut-Off Tool, his instant reaction was not enough power at this size. After using it on a few cuts, Jason was very impressed the versatility and cutting power this tool provides. He continues to review the various features such as a great ergonomic grip that allows one handed operation, switching from forward/backward cuts shooting the sparks away from his face he describes as “pleasurable”. The greatest feature to Jason is the adjustable guard. He explains how you can adjust the cut depth and use this Cut-Off Tool as a small one handed Circular Saw!

Overall, Jason was very impressed with the power and size of this Cut-Off Tool and is perfect for those quick one (or more) cut jobs.

After leaving Jason’s shop, we met Kris at Ohio Power Tool to open it up and take a look inside at its features, motor and design.

With the size of the Cut-Off, it’s a quick look inside! Kris mentioning that the tool weighs in at only 2.5lbs which confirms the ease of use with one handed operation. He also agrees that the Milwaukee M12 Cut-Off Tool is a well balanced tool and a big improvement.

Thanks to Jason Brown at Chopped Shop, and Kris at Ohio Power Tool, for their help on this one. You can get your own M12 cutoff tool, or really ANYTHING from Milwaukee, at

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