LEED Certified & Green Buildings: Sooner Rather Than Later

 Green Building

A very popular topic in the news recently has been environmentally friendly buildings and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for not only new buildings but existing buildings as well.
As more media attention is focused on these efforts a common question for almost any new build will be “Is it a green building?” and/or “Is it LEED certified?” As a large supplier of tools and equipment for the construction industry we are beginning to see what is coming down the pipe. As companies, especially the very public ones, build new spaces they are going to demand the construction be “Green” enough to meet the minimum LEED certification and they are going to want it at little or no additional costs. It is going to be increasingly important for builders and suppliers like us to be ever more conscious of this trend.
From our dealings with industry leaders it is clear not all LEED Certified Green Buildings are radically different from those constructed in past years. While some Platinum level buildings support solar panel roofs and wind turbines this is not required to obtain LEED certified status.
Many of the green products and materials are prices similar that of other products and work just as well. A good example of this would be switching cleaning and sanitation products to earn up to 13 LEED points in existing buildings. Visit Clean Innovations to learn more on that.    

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