Shockforce vs stud vs klein

Is Lufkin ShockForce the Greatest Tape Measure Ever?

Move over Stanley, Milwaukee, FatMax, Dewalt, STUD, Klein, Johnson, Empire, Tajima, Komelon and everyone else the Lufkin name is back on top! We’ll at least that’s what the Crescent Lufkin guys are saying with the launch of the new Shockforce 25’ L1125 ($28) that’ll be hitting shelves this month. Is this the greatest tape measure ever created, actually it might be.

Crescent Tape Measure

This tape can handle a 100’ drop onto concrete… First off a tape measure should never-ever-ever fall 100’ onto concrete or any other surface, it’ll kill a person at that height (it’s serious, it’s happened and should never happen again), if you’re working up there and using a tape measure tether that tool, thank you Lufkin for adding a thru-hole for tie-off, also can be used as a pivot for making perfect circles. We get the idea this tape can seriously be beaten and it’s going to last, metal rails protect the lock in the hand it truly feels very tough.

Wide Blade Tape Measure

It has a 14’ stand-out! Nothing says we’re professional like a bunch of guys standing around the jobsite comparing their tape measure stand outs. Some stand out is good, coupled with their diamond grit end hook that’ll catch in just about any direction this thing is very useful in a quick couple of tests in the shop. Blade is wide, width is ever so slightly wider than the Milwaukee Stud ($25) and about equal to the Klein Tape Measure ($20). Numbers are super large, nylon coated, and the Crescent Lufkin tape also has numbers on both side. Only thing it doesn’t have is a magnetic tip, so if you’re working with pipe or metal that version is probably coming.

Lufkin Shockforce Tape Measure

Size Does Matter! For all the features, this is a very compact tape measure. Way smaller than anything else with a wide tape, large numbers, huge standout and rated for some crazy fall. It’s likely smaller than whatever you’re using now, fits in the hand great but feels very solid.

Shockforce vs stud vs klein

Best Tape Measure Ever??? This one has just hit the market so we are not ready to declare it the Champ, we’d ask our friends at Tool Box Buzz who’ve got a great video below, please run this latest competitor through their same test and let us know!

If you’re willing to throw caution to the wind and make the $27.99 investment based strictly on marketing claims, the crew at Ohio Power Tool has literally pallets of these tapes coming in as well as lots of other Tape Measures to choose from for any applications!

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