Makita OPE Multi-Head Couple-Shaft – MM4 Gas or 36V Cordless

When it comes to Outdoor Power Equipment there are a lot of tools you might need for the job, from string trimmers, hedge trimmers, edgers, pole saws, etc. All require very similar power so why not make a simple professional high quality system where you can quickly and easily change the attachment heads. The Makita Couple-Shaft OPE Multi-Head System does exactly that but goes 1 step further, you can also choose your power heads, either a 18Vx2 (36 Volt) cordless XUX01 or a MM4 (4-Stroke) gas powered EX2650LH option. This whole system is designed for PROs and does a nice job to bridge the gap of going cordless.

Makita Couple-Shaft Attachments

For landscape professionals gas has been the only option for many years, of course there are downsides of dealing with gasoline, mixing gas, louder noise disturbing customers / damaging workers hearing, more maintenance and a host of other issues. Batteries have a higher upfront investment and until recently simply did not have the power and runtime for professionals.

Times they are a changing however battery technology are able to product more powerful tools and longer runtime, simultaneously we are seeing small gas engines get hit with tougher regulations restricting power and efficiencies. As the production demand grows on cordless motors costs come down and unfortunately as small gas engines have less demand production costs go up. This can lead to really tough questions of when (it’s not an if…) will you make that switch to cordless or should you keep investing in gas? Makita’s Couple-Shaft System makes this a much easier option as you can buy the MM4 heads and all the attachments today then down the road gradually switch to cordless heads and all the attachments will still be compatible.

Makita Pole-Saw Attachment

We have been very impressed by this system overall, it’s not a cheap gimmick for home centers but actually a product built for professionals and home owners looking for quality OPE. Certainly not cheap but if you are already invested in Makita 18V Cordless and looking for the functionality of a couple different tools we think there is good value here.


  • Makita 18Vx2 Brushless Couple-Shaft Power Head XUX01Z ($229)
  • Makita MM4 4-Stroke Couple-Shaft Power Head EX2650LH ($349)


  • Makita 10″ Pole Saw Couple-Shaft Head Attachment EY401MP ($224)
  • Makita 17″ String Trimmer Couple-Shaft Head Attachment EM405MP ($99)
  • Makita 20″ Articulating Hedge Trimmer Couple-Shaft Head Attachment EN401MP ($279)
  • Makita 20″ Double‑Sided Hedge Trimmer Couple-Shaft Head Attachment EN410MP ($179)
  • Makita 42″ Shaft Extension Couple-Shaft Attachment LE400MP ($99)
  • Makita Cultivator Tiller Couple-Shaft Head Attachment KR400MP ($224)
  • Makita Edger Couple-Shaft Head Attachment EE400MP ($179)

Makita Cultivator Attachment

Makita Hedge Trimmer Attachment

Makita Edger Attachment

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