Metabo 5” Tuck-Point Angle Grinder W12-125HD & ASR 35 ACP HEPA Vacuum

Another overview with Josh from the Metabo truck. This time he gives us a brief over view of the Metabo 5″ W12-25HD Tuck Pointing Angle Grinder (600408690) and 35 ACP HEPA All-Purpose Vac (US602057800)

The Metabo Tuck Point Grinder was created by Tuck Pointers. That seems to be a smart move. The focus was to provide what was needed, such as ease of use, being able to see the wheel and a arrow pointing which way to go as Josh explained, “You’d be surprised how many guys go the wrong way.” Can’t go wrong with this Grinder at only $299.


Amps 10.5 AMPS
Grinding wheel 5″
Rated input power 1250 W
Output power 740 W
No-load speed 9600 RPM
Revolutions at rated load 8800 RPM
Torque 36 in-lbs
Spindle thread M 14
Weight (without power cable) 9.7 lbs
Cable length 13 ft


Surface grinding 5.5 m/s²
Uncertainty of measurement K1.5 m/s²
Grinding with sandpaper 2.6 m/s²
Uncertainty of measurement K1.5 m/s²

Noise emission

Sound pressure level 94 dB(A)
Sound power level (LwA) 105 dB(A)
Uncertainty of measurement K3 dB(A)

Onward to the $599 Metabo 35 ACP HEPA All-Purpose Vac (US602057800). The biggest feature this vac has to offer, separates itself from the competition, and that is the “Mechanical Cleaning” device. It doesn’t reverse airflow to clean the filter, instead, shakes the filter from side to clean one side at a time, only when the filter needs cleaned. Filters can be cleaned using water and Metabo suggests only cleaning it this way up to 3 times.

You’ll find an outlet located on the front of this vac, and that is used to connect your corded tool to the vac so when you switch on the tool, the vac powers up, switch the tool off, the vac shuts down (with a delay). Also located on the front, 2 dials, one controls the on/off and the other “Current Control”. You have four options, IR, AR, O, I.

  • IR: The vac is running and ready for operation with mechanical cleaning activated.
  • AR: Vac is operational only when the tool is plugged into the outlet and powered on.
  • I: Vac is powered on but without mechanical cleaning.
  • O: Powered Off.

Current Control allows the adjustment of amperage the vac is pushing. Just remember, less amperage means less CFM. You also have 130 CFM to play with, so you can make it work if you need to lower a bit.

Air output max. 130 CFM
Amps 11 AMPS
Vacuum 3.6 psi
Filter surface 1333 sq.inch
Input power max. 1400 W
Container volume 9 gal
Suction hose 1 3/8 “
Hose length 10 ft
Weight 35.3 lbs
Cable length 26 ft

The Grinder and Vac are available at Ohio Power Tool.

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