Metabo WP 9-115 4.5″ Angle Grinder – Power Tool Showcase

Wp9-115 Grinder

In 2017 Coptool had the privilege of visiting the Metabo factory in Stuttgard, Germany and really get an inside look as to how all their Grinders are made and tested. This same assembly line builds the W9-115 Quick and WP9-115 Quick (paddle) as well as all their high-end models. We were truly amazed at their operation from casting aluminum to grinding gears to winding motors and extensive quality testing, their operation ensures the highest level quality.

This field trip also gave us the opportunity to hang out with the crew from Oz Tool Talk for a few days, check out their full factory tour below which highlights a little of everything from production to testing to development and more.

The WP 9-115 4.5” Grinder also features the S-Automatic clutch as do all the professional Metabo grinders. This system almost entirely eliminated kickback, a huge safety concern when your disc gets caught up and shrapnel can go flying. They literally had me try to bind up this grinder in the video below.

The first in-depth review came from German Tool Reviews, in August of 2016. In traditional GTR fashion, he not only unboxed and tested the tool, but goes into ridiculous detail explaining Metabo product numbers and their meaning. GTR takes the thing entirely apart for an excellent inside look. He seems to absolutely love the grinder, with his only real critique being the cut of the ziptie on the power cable.

Another in April of 2017, an excellent review was posted by Alvarez Metal Works, who literally bought this grinder because another brand went up in smoke the day before. AMW goes into great detail, and comes away happy. He specifically calls out the lack of vibration, and the build quality, something we’ve grown to expect from Metabo Reviews.

This is considered an entry level grinder by Metabo’s standards, but it’s a serious professional grinder. Metabo makes this specific grinder in Germany. And I don’t just mean they just assemble it there. In an episode of “How it’s made”, we get a great look into the manufacturing process in Germany. They mill their own housings, make their own gears, and wind their own motors. These are Made in Germany, without any asterisks.

It’s perfect for grinding and cutting, and it just so happens that during the month of March, they’re on sale! The experts over at Ohio Power Tool have these Metabo Grinders available for only $89 in this format, including the paddle switch, which is my personal preference.

As always the Power Tool Showcase is given away each week in the if you’re reading this post the same week it was published head over to win a WP9-115 with a bunch of discs and other Metabo goodies. If you are reading this in the future, the contest might be over, good news is we do a give away every week so head over and see what the new cool contest is all about!

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