Milwaukee M12 Rocket 2132-20 OR M18 Rocket 2131-20 Work Light?

You’re working in the dark and some light would be greatly appreciated. Milwaukee recently introduced a new member to the lighting family, the M12 Rocket Dual Power Tower Light (2132-20). Is it worth skipping the new and approved M18 Rocket (2131-20)? Let’s shine some light on the differences of the two models to determine our decision. 

What is the most important thing we look for when it comes to lighting? “Price!” Not yet, we’ll get to that. We look for those magical lumens. The M12 is smaller than the M18, obviously, so it’s generally not going to put out as much light as the M18. The M12 is shining 1,400 lumens to the whooping 2,500 lumens of the M18 (2131-20).

Next thing we look for, especially for those of you at the bigger job sites… “Price, now?” No, stop it. It’s portability. This is where the M12 becomes a valuable option, weighing at 6lbs to the 15lbs of the M18. The M12 provides 10 hours of run time (6.0XC M12 Battery), that covers your full day of work and can collapse to 31″ which allows easy transport. Now the M18 is pretty similar, collapsing to 40″ and also running up 10 hours (5.0XC M18 Battery). However, the M18 provides more versatility by allowing 4′ – 7′ extended height over the 3′ – 5′ 8″ extension from the M12.

If you’re putting in some over time, or just forget to charge the batteries. No need to worry, you have the ability of corded power! All you need is a standard extension cord as the light has a built in male connector.

Overall, your greatest value, like any other Milwaukee Tool, will be whichever battery platform you already own and the type of work you’re doing. If you’re in a compact space or always on the move, the M12 is perfect for you.

“What. Is. The. PRICE?!” You can purchase the M12 Rocket Dual Power Tower Light (bare) from Ohio Power Tool for only $149 and will be available for shipment early October. Alternatively, the M18 Rocket Dual Power Tower Light (bare) can be purchased for $199 and is available to ship today!

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