Milwaukee M18 Cordless Force Logic Knockout 2676-23

M18 Knockout

Well cat is out of the bag, Milwaukee has officially launched their M18 Force Logic Knockout 2676-23 ($1899) Kit. Several months ago we had the opportunity to visit Milwaukee Tool home office where they showed us their new Exact Punch & Dies but it seemed silly to us that they would launch a set of accessories to fit onto the competitor’s tools. The new M18 Force Logic tool utilizes an interesting looking new “quick connect draw stud” setup which we can see in action below.

Force Logic Punch & Dies

The launch date on the new tool simply says 2014 so don’t hold your breath but we are guessing January or February. The unit is pretty compact at 7-5/8” but not the lightest tool in the bag at 9.21 lbs. It would appear that weight is needed to put out an impressive force of 10 tons, enough to punch through 12 gauge stainless steel. The M18 Force Logic tool will be offered in 3 options: 2676-20 with (2) batteries & charger no heads, 2676-22 add heads ½”-2” or the 2676-23 which adds heads ½”-4”. Our assumption is the unit will work with all other knockout punch & dies (as the Milwaukee’s work on everyone else’s tools) so you can upgrade the tool and still use up your other dies. We haven’t gotten word on how many holes you can make on a specific charge, what the pricing might be or if they are planning a lower capacity M12 version like they did with the M12 Force Logic Press Tool and M12 ProPEX.

M18 Force Logic Knockout

Look forward to more information soon on the M18 Knock-out tool and in the meantime certainly the guys at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 can assist with any knock-out / hole making tools and accessories for all the most popular brands.

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