Milwaukee new tool Patents and ISH 2019 coverage – Coptool Week In Review 3/15/2019

Welcome to this week’s epsiode of the Coptool Week In Review! This week we go to Germany with Mechanical Hub, try to overload the Ego Nexus with Workshop Addict, speculate what will be revealed at Milwaukee NPS2019 and so much more. THIS is your Coptool Week in Review!

We kick off this week with the crew at PTR, who put together an exhaustive 10-minute long video exploring the whos who of power tool manufacturers. We’ve seen charts like this online before, but PTR goes out of their way to work through every company, detailing what they do, and why their relationships are important. The biggest shocker? Did you know DeWalt is really owned by Binford Tools? You can learn way more than you want to know, at Pro Tool Reviews on Youtube.


The EGO Nexus

The guys over at Workshop Addict got their hands on the EGO 56-Volt 3,000-watt Nexus Portable Power Station and wasted no time putting it through a series of tests to see what it could handle. They hooked it up to a camper and proceeded to flip every switch they could find until it stopped working. We were surprised it was able to run a small AC for nearly an hour, but we’re left wondering if that benefit is worth the staggering $1200 price tag for the base and only 2 batteries. But I guess if you already have a bunch of EGO batteries laying around, and you REALLY want to watch tv and run the ac in your treehouse, this would probably work. For more information, visit Workshop Addict on Youtube.


NPS19 Predictions and Patents

NPS19 is less than 3 months away, and the rumor mill has been buzzing with the predictable random guesses about the tool Milwaukee will reveal, that do nothing but get me excited about things that probably won’t happen. Fortunately, Nate from Doresoom Tool Reviews used his thinking hat, and decided to dig into the United States Patent and Trademark Office and found a boatload of interesting Milwaukee patents, that just might point us to a few NPS19 reveals. If you too are waiting for NPS and feel like wildly speculating with your internet friends, join Nate at Doresoom Tool Reviews on Youtube.


Rockler Carbide Ripped Radius Plane

We’re used to the Concord Carpenter putting together some ridiculously detailed comparos, but once in a while, he helps us find a real gem in a crowded box of tools. This week He shows us his new every day carry for rounding edges in wood, plastic and PVC. The Rockler Carbide Ripped Radius Plane is a small, light plane that fits easily in his tool belt while providing a perfectly clean 1/8th-inch radius wherever sharp corners cause trouble. If your life could use a few rounded edges, don’t miss Rob’s video at Concord Carpenter on Youtube.


Sarah’s Projects of the Week!

My first project his week was sent to me from David Stanton. Thank you David! He lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia and wanted to add a play set to his garden for the grandkids…but with an elegant twist. Dave used his CNC machine along with several other tools from around his shop and created this gorgeous one of a kind play set for the kiddos. I am a huge fan of how unique and functional this is! My little one is too small for a play set just yet, but in a couple of years I may need to place an order for one of these! Go check this video and many other tips and projects on Dave’s youtube page!

My next project is from Rod over at Ironwood Studios on Instagram. Rod has been working on a steel and wood privacy gate for his house the past couple weeks and it’s finally done! He used torched pine with an epoxy finish to protect the wood from the elements and it gives the gate a raw rustic look that is just awesome. I really like the added privacy you get with this as well! You can find this project and many many more on his Instagram at Ironwood Studios.

That’s it for my projects this week, if you find one or have done a project that you think I should feature on the show, email it to me at


Metabo HPT 36v Miter Saw

The new line of Metabo HPT 36v tools continues to impress just about everyone who uses them, but this week the ToolPig exposed a small problem with his example of their new Miter Saw. He’s quick to point out how lightweight, powerful and flexible it is considering the optional AC adapter, but he’s less enthused about the plastic pin that locks into the detents for preset angles. There appears to be just enough play to throw off the accuracy. Mr. Pig thinks it could be fixed with a small upgrade. Despite the small flaw, he’s so happy with the rest of the saw he says he plans to continue using it. Is this a deal breaker for you? You can share your two cents at Toolpig on Instagram.

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Some first impressions of the @metabohpt 36v multivolt miter saw. It is 619.00 with the AC cord adapter and when you purchase it you can redeem a coupon for a free battery. There are definitely some nice features here. Nice lightweight design. Compact and loaded. It has great power. good dust collection. The upfront controls are really nice. The forward sliding rails are a great space saving design. I absolutely love that you can use this on a battery or plug it in! I have some questions on the miter lock mechanism. It’s the very first thing I noticed about it when I was at the media event. I immediately mentioned it to the Sr. Vice President of sales and Marketing. I told him this lock is not good enough for us. I would have to say that the miter function is the most important function of a compound miter saw. What I have seen in the last 25 years is that more people use it heavier for Miters than for bevel cuts. What do you guys say about this. Am I being too picky? If this thing is going to fly you guys are the ones that have to be happy with it. #MiterSaw #Woodworker #Woodworking #TrimCarpenter #TrimCarpentry #Framer #Framing #Carpenter #Carpentry #SlidingCompoundMiterSaw #CordlessSaw #CordlessMiterSaw #MetaboHPT

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Milwaukee M12 Fuel Stubby Impact

Tools by Design took to Instagram this week to declare it’s undying love for the Milwaukee M12 Fuel Stubby Impact Wrench. While he admits it may not be ideal for full-sized truck nuts, but the little impact wrench easily changes the wheels on a smaller family vehicle, and barely drains the 4ah battery. We’ve seen countless positive reviews for the M12 Stubby, but it’s always nice to see it doing a great job in the wild. Of course, this brought out the airheads, who insist there’s nothing better than air tools. If you’d like to join THAT discussion, head over to Tools by design on Instagram.

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Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip Zip & rotate. The Fuel Stubby easily handled a full 4 tire rotation on the Tacoma (85 ft/lb torque spec), using 1 bar of battery life on a 4.0ah. This little 12v stubby packs a lot power into small, easy to handle package. 250 ft/lbs of breakaway torque This may not be best for full size truck lug nuts. This would also struggle if a bolt is seized, overtorqued, or cross-threaded. Seems ideal for maintenance work and the smaller family vehicle wheels. Model: 2555-20 Price: $179 bare tool Features: Greatest access in tight spaces at 4.9 in. in length 4-Mode drive control Auto-shut off mode reduces over fastening and increases productivity @milwaukeetool #milwaukeetool #nbhd #stubby #mechanical #mechanic #maintenance #tirerotation #homeowner #diy #diyproject #toolsofthetrade #impact #impactwrench #power #12v

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Mechanical Hub Goes To Germany

We’re big fans of Eric and the Plumbing and HVAC pros over at Mechanical Hub. None of us at Coptool have much experience with either of those worlds, but we sure love living vicariously through Eric! Especially this week, as Eric flew to Germany to attend ISH19. Eric is seeing really cool stuff and sharing it all this week, and you should see it too. He’s at Mechanical Hub on Instagram.


Makita XDT16

The Makita XDT16 is still making waves. This week Toolaholic took time on Instagram to review the “Do everything” impact, and doesn’t find anything to complain about. He does mention something we were not aware of. This impact was first made available outside the US as the TD 171, which was manufactured in Japan. Only later was it launched here in the states as the XDT16, but the XDT is manufactured in China. This information leads to a lot of great conversations in the comments about what this meant for quality and naturally continued the debate over foreign vs domestic tools. So if you haven’t screamed in all CAPS yet today, that’s a great place to do it, and maybe… just maybe, you’ll learn something from your fellow man…. HAH! No ya won’t. But you WILL find Toolaholic on Instagram.

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So you may have noticed, the North American version of the TD 171 is now available as the XDT 16 from @makitatools – This top of the line driver shares all the same functions as the 171. It has 4 speeds, 2 tek (self drilling) screw modes, one bolt mode, and one long screw mode. – Generally speaking, I dont use the additional modes. I keep it in speed 4 for 95% of things, and Ill dial it back for lighter tasks. If the modes are important to you, its nice to be able to access them without digging into an app. – The XDT 16 facelift also includes improvements to the chuck for bit stability, and the LED lighting placement has changed to the sides. Just above the trigger you will find another button that allows you to toggle between speeds, or you can set it as a “favourite” button if you need to switch between a speed, and one of the specialty settings on a regular basis. – You may also notice its made in China, where the TD171 is made in Japan. Makita usually does this with many tools on launch. Their initial development and first runs are produced in Japan, and then it will move to their China facility. I am told the parts and quality are still the same. That factory just handles volume. – #makita #td171 #dtd171 #impactdriver #newlaunch #newtool #xdt16

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Coptool Power Tool Showcase

Finally, don’t miss this week’s Power Tool Showcase, which features the Metabo WP 9-115 Angle Grinder!

That’s it for us this week, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel on Youtube and follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you never miss an episode! We’ll see you next week!

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