M18 Hydraulic Pump

New Milwaukee Utility Tools, Lighting & Hydraulics

Milwaukee Tool has really had a strong focus on developing new innovative tools for electrical trades, with some real focus dedicated towards utility and power distribution. Today Milwaukee announced several new expansions with a RedLithium USB Hot Stick LED Light, M18 Hydraulic Pump Power and M18 15 Ton Crimper. All 3 of these launches are aimed at a small group of users but are extremely important for the rest of us; well at least those of us that use electricity.

RedLithium USB Hot Stick LED Light 2119-22 ($199)

Milwaukee Hot Stick LED

“Linemen face some of the most demanding and hazardous conditions, and often a hot stick is all that separates them from energized power lines. Unfortunately, the most popular options for lighting the work area around hot sticks – ground base lights and headlamps – are limited at best because they’re not specifically designed for hot sticks and their light spreads are often obstructed by trees and poles. These users needed the ability to apply high output lighting directly to the application to eliminate shadows and allow them to efficiently finish their work,” said Jason Isaacs, Senior Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool.

Milwaukee LED Light Utility

This light is tested to 100,000 volts, IP67 waterproof, can withstand a 30’ drop, very bright at 350 lumens directional lighting, universal hot stick compatible and it truly build for this brutal task. Launching in May.

M18 Hydraulic Pump Power Unit 2774-21HD ($4,999)   

M18 Hydraulic Pump

Hydraulic crimpers, cutters, torque wrenches, rams, spreaders, and other tools can be critical for utility and several other industries the problem is powering hydraulic pumps can be a challenge when in remote locations. This cordless 10,000 PSI hydraulic pump could be a real game changer for many applications. Offering 2 speed; 134in3/min (low pressure), 31.5 in3/min (high pressure) it really is very impressive compared to a traditional electric pump or gas units like the PG303 ($3429) however this M18 version has a higher flow rate, weights less and obviously much less hassle than a gas engine.

Cordless Hydraulic Pump

The fluid tank is .425 gallons enough to run most tools and lift many 100 ton cylinder to capacity so a very versatile power unit. Launching in July.

M18 FORCE LOGIC 15 Ton Crimper 2879-22 ($5749)

15 Ton Crimper

Aligning crimps are often a challenge for one person because traditional 15T crimpers are extremely front-heavy and unbalanced, putting significant strain on the wrist and requiring the user to use both hands just to hold onto the tool. Understanding the complexity of the science of ergonomics, Milwaukee® invested in the resources and expertise necessary to deliver a 15T crimping solution that would have an improved impact on users’ bodies.

M18 15 Ton Crimper Kit

The resulting M18™ FORCE LOGIC™** 15T Crimper is not only the lightest 15T crimper available, but it’s also designed with numerous features to give users maximum control. A repositioned grip helps balance the tool, while a 350-degree rotating head provides a neutral wrist position regardless of the way the user needs to crimp, delivering the easiest alignment in the industry. In addition, a Quick Release and Push-to-Close pin design provides easy access around splices and in crowded environments. Launching in July.

We are looking forward to NPS19 coming up in June where we will get the opportunity to run these tools and see all the other new exciting launches they’ll keep under wraps until then. Milwaukee continues to have a real focus on linemen, recently revamping the 7/16” hex impact 2865-22 ($579), Aerial Bucket Apron 48-22-8290 ($179) and Utility Oval Bag 48-22-8275 ($79) launched in the last few months.

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