Newest Cordless 12V Tools from Metabo

Metabo has stepped up their game, and diversified their cordless tool line, to include 12V tools to go along with their well established 18V and 36V lines. You are probably thinking do we need another 12V cordless system? Metabo is making a strong move here with a well-rounded selection of tools from brushless drill/drivers and impact drivers to flashlights and caulking guns. The new 12V line from Metabo means they can appeal to a broader range of end users and professionals with a smaller professional tool, also reserve their higher-voltage tools for more strenuous jobs. The biggest feature here that ties it all together is that these 12V batteries will charge on any 18V or 36V chargers and visa-versa so a single charger does all your Metabo cordless.

Let’s start out by looking at the innovative 12V PowerMaxx Compact Brushless Drill/Driver. The 12 Volt class means two things: lightweight and powerful. And those are exactly what’s delivered in this tool and the entire line. This drill/driver also features an integrated LED work light for optimal brightness in any workspace. The handy belt hook and bit holder can be fixed to either side, so Metabo has your back even if you ride goofy. And finally, Ultra-M Technology produces the highest power, gentle charging, and 3-year warranty on the battery pack.

Metabo 12V Cordless Tools

Moving along to the 12V PowerMaxx Compact Brushless Hammer Drill-Driver kit you’ll notice that it features everything the drill-driver features and packs a punch with 400 in-lbs. in max torque. Now masons, and crafty DIYers alike, can enjoy a powerful drill for universal applications without breaking your bank or your back.

Metabo wants to make an impact on your life, so they brought you an impact driver that will do just that. This bad boy has followed suit with its two like-minded individuals above and has gone above and beyond with a robust die cast aluminum gear housing to give you optimal heat dissipation and overall durability. The LiHD battery technology delivers ultimate power and an extremely long run time for a tool you will love for years to come.

Metabo knows the jobsite has evolved with technology over the years and now more than ever it’s important to have tools with multiple purposes to limit the overall number of items you need to load and lug around work. So, they have developed the PowerMaxx USB Adapter LED Light to allow you to charge a multitude of devices from your heated jacket to your phone, or anything up to a 2 A max charging current. You already have the 12V batteries just snap one on and you have a portable desktop charger and light.

If you’d like to get your hands on any of these new 12v tools, or any of the vast Metabo line of products, we recommend you visit our sponsor at!

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