Porter-Cable Launches 18V Cordless High Pressure Tire Inflator

Just last week Porter Cable announced a low profile cordless drill which really seems to be targeting more professional users and then this week they are announcing the launch of a cordless tire inflator. Interesting mix of products and both have their place certainly but we are curious what the master plan is for the Porter Cable 18V cordless. Price for the inflator will be less than $50 and should be available soon.

18 Volt High-Pressure/High-Volume Inflator –

The 18 Volt High-Pressure/High-Volume Inflator provides quick and accurate inflation for users in locations where there is no access to power. The unit can be powered from an 18 Volt PORTER-CABLE Lithium Ion or NiCd battery or a 12 Volt DC power source from a vehicle. The 10-foot DC power cord allows the user to reach all the vehicle tires easily, providing convenience and ease of use.

The inflator features two inflation options, delivering flexibility for different applications. The high-pressure inflation, with up to 120 pounds per square inch (PSI) of working pressure, is ideal for inflating vehicle tires, while the high-volume inflation is for inflating large recreational items.

Additional features include an automatic pressure shut-off function that conveniently shuts the unit off when the desired pressure is reached. The inflator can also be used as a pressure gauge by simply attaching the universal adapter to a tire stem and reading the pressure from the LED screen located on the unit. A convenient on-board storage area allows users to quickly store all cables, cords and hoses.

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