PTR Drills Through Nails and We Go Live With Tool Box Buzz – Coptool Week In Review 4/26/19 – Ep 205

Sarah encourages you to Subscribe to Oz Tool Talk while Rob does the opposite. PTR drills through some nails and Tool Box Buzz is LIVE right here on our show! All of that and more! This is your CopTool Week In Review!

Pro Tool Reviews – The Nail Strike Strikes Again!

We’re going to kick of the week with our friends at Pro Tool Reviews, who decided not to take Bosch at it’s word, but instead put their new Nail Strike Drill bits to the test. They filled a board with nails from all directions, and then proceeded to chew them up like dried ramen. The Bosch Nail Strike did exactly what it was supposed to, eating through all of the nails without a problem. They point out that at a 200% premium, these won’t replace your normal bits, but should be kept in your bag for those occasions when a random nail is a real danger. You can see the whole demo at pro tool reviews on YouTube.


VCG Construction – Milwaukee Multi Tool vs DeWalt Multi Tool!

VCG brought us another action packed Tool Test Raw event this week, this time pairing up the Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi Tool and the DeWalt 20V Max XR Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool. In an hour long scream fest that sounds like two drones discussing the finer points of the Muller report. I won’t spoil all the details for you, but I will tell you that the DeWalt comes out on top. Barely. Kinda. Just go watch for yourself at VCG Construction on Youtube


RR Buildings – Post Frame Windows and Proper Safety Priority!

Kyle of RR Buildings shared another video last week. As his channel and business revolve around Post Frame construction, it made sense that he tells us how to trim a window in a post frame building. The ongoing series is incredibly fun to watch, even if you don’t build structures yourself, but we tend to watch for the few golden nuggets of information Kyle tends to drop in at just the right time. This week, he introduced us to the greatest construction priority list we’ve ever heard, titled “Safety 3rd”. Priority 1, make money. 2, look good. 3, SAFETY. It’s like he read it in an OSHA pamphlet. You can find Kyle at RR Buildings on Youtube.


Make Something – Building  A Spacecraft By Hand!

For my Project of the Week I found this awesome little build by David from Make Something where he chose a design from The Wooden Toy Spacecraft book, but decided to build it only using hand tools! The instructions don’t actually say to use hand tools but he thought it would be a fun challenge. I really liked the detail he added to the stand with epoxy to make it look like outer space! If you are looking for some fun inspiration to build something this weekend with the kids or just for yourself check out David from Make something on Youtube!


Steve Ramsey – Guard Safety.

I was just saying that the blade guard on a is t is important. Steve Ramsey, in his never ending pursuit of making us all into woodworkers, thought blade guards were important too. But when he surveyed 50 different YouTube woodworkers, only 3 used a blade guard. That’s not going to be surprising to anyone watching this video, but Steve felt it was important to review exactly what the guard is for, how to use it, and talk about why so many of us don’t. It’s incredibly informative, and important information that we think every table saw users should watch. You can find it at Steve Ramsey on YouTube.


Oz Tool Talk – Battery Powered Chain Saws!

For our last stop on our power tool world tour, lets head down under where Mike and Dwain decided it was time to put the gas away and try the new DeWALT M18 Chainsaw. Did they like it? Yes. Why? Because it’s Chain Sorry. I think that’s how you say it. If you don’t speak Australian, Chain Sorry is a very good thing, and they’ll prove it to you. They’re the first team we’ve seen that plunge the saw into some seriously big lumber! Mike even took it through a 20” log! He said it ceased up a couple times, but still got the job done. If at this point you still need convinced that the Dewalt chainsaw is a serious bit of kit, this is the last video you’ll need to watch. Head to OZ Tool Talk on YouTube.


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