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Spring is moving in fast and Rigid Tools is ready to kick off the season with their “2018 Spring Promo” mail-in rebate. We understand mail-in rebates could sometimes be a pain. This one is worth it. Inspection, SeeSnakes, Thermal, Locating, Drain Cleaning, Jetters and Pressing items are all included with this promotion. We’ve attached the promotional PDF to provide more details. View PDF promotional details

Ridgid Spring Promo rebate

We now have another reason to purchase a Ridgid Tool. Let’s dive into why Ridgid Tool has become such a trusted brand among professional.

“Ridgid’s proud history is built on the trust of the trades.” While writing this blog post, I’ve learned Ridgid invented the modern pipe wrench, did you know that? Anyway, these guys and gals take pride in listening to their end users. Ridgid Tools are handed down from Father to Son and from Grandfathers to Granddaughters. They’ve been around for a long while. It’s important that Ridgid hasn’t lost their focus and continue producing quality products.

The promo is solid, the manufacturer is great! So, what do I need? I get this question all the time. Well, I heard someone ask a coworker this question once… Each product on this promotion is conveniently listed at HERE.

If you have any questions, give the guys at Ohio Power Tool a call 1-800-242-4424 and they’ll be happy to help. Also, be sure to post your own Ridgid Tool stories in the comments.

Unrelated side note: My name is Nick and I’m the new guy here at Coptool. I am familiar with power tools but still lots to learn as I’m sure you’re picking up on. I’m excited to learn the industry and if you have any tips or tricks to share, please do. I need to look good, it’s tough out there!

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