Ridgid SeeSnake TruSense

Ridgid SeeSnake Cameras with TruSense HDR

Ridgid SeeSnake TruSense

The industry standard for inspection cameras are without question the Ridgid SeeSnake Cameras, day in day out these cameras perform in some very nasty situations. For all intensive purposes these have remained a fairly consistent design since they were black & white. These new models with TruSense HDR imaging and TiltSense features are in addition to existing model options but only about $150 upcharge over the Self-Leveling options so will likely replace them when they catch on, Compact 200’ is 63628 ($6381), Standard 200’ 63603 ($7484) and extended length 325’ 63583 ($8296). So what is the big difference?

What is TruSense?

With TruSense High Dynamic Range (HDR) you get more clearly defined detail of pipe characteristics. The HDR image sensor offers bright, clear in-pipe imaging in difficult lighting conditions, which of course is what you’ll find inside any pipe. Better clarity is always going to help in identifying certain types of issues, small cracks or other issues will be that much easier to spot.

SeeSnake TruSense

What is TiltSense?

Just as it sounds the camera head with Sense the tilt or pitch in the line. On the video monitor like a CS6X or CS12X you see a new tilt number in the lower left corner of the screen which gives the tilt in degrees. Is this critical diagnostic information for every job, probably not however it’s great info to have readily available and it can save a lot of time trouble shooting in certain situations.

SeeSnake TiltSense

Ridgid Spring Fling Promo

These new Camera will be launching at the WWETT Show Feb 21-23 and are included on the Ridgid Spring Fling Promo which runs until April 30th which hopefully means we will see these available very very soon! The Spring Fling is the best time of year to buy a SeeSnake setup for sure, for 2019 if you get one of these reels with a CS12X or CS65X you qualify for a FREE Ridgid Scout Locator ($1400 Value) certainly worth consideration if you’re in the market.

SeeSnake Reels

If you’ve got any questions on Ridgid SeeSnake Camera Systems give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they’ll be more than happy to talk you through any of the models, features or options. They also do warranty service on Ridgid SeeSnakes and truly know these products inside and out! Certainly these systems can be a big investment for your company so they also offer equipment financing on all these cameras as well as any other tools and equipment you might need.

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