Ridgid’s New Thermal Imagers – Predict, Prevent & Preform









RIDGID® thermal imagers feature the latest technology, including the best image
resolution in their class and an easy-to-use interface, to help you efficiently predict
problems before they happen and  prevent costly system downtime and keep buildings running at the highest performance with RIDGID Thermal Imagers (Pre-Sale Coming Soon). The new line features the latest technology, best images in their class and easy-to-use interfaces to predict problems before they happen. 

“Our new line of purpose-built thermal imagers allow quick diagnosis of hidden thermal issues, whether that’s finding building energy leaks or preventing costly downtime of critical systems,” said Eric Huber, Senior Product Manager for RIDGID Diagnostics. “In addition to being easy to use, our RIDGID Thermal mobile app allows full image analysis and seamless data sharing.”

Product Features

  • Infrared image resolution up to 320 x 240 (640 x 480 with SuperResolution)
  • SuperResolution technology adds additional detail in saved images
  • Integrated digital camera to view true image alongside infrared image
  • Intuitive interface and menu to save time on site
  • Easy to grip rubberized overmolding for one handed operation
  • Create and share detailed reports with the RIDGID Thermal App

The product line includes four thermal imagers – RT-3, RT-5x, RT-7x and RT-9x – that range from providing 160×120 pixel thermal images to 320×240 pixel thermal images. Select models show a digital camera image alongside the thermal image. They also include the following innovative features:

  • SuperResolution – Using pixel shift technology, SuperResolution effectively doubles the resolution of your camera for saved images, allowing greater detail to detect anomalies. Featured on all models.
  • ε-Assist – With ε-Assist, via the integrated digital camera, the thermal imager recognizes a placed reference sticker, determines emissivity and reflected temperature, and sets both values automatically. Available with the RT-5x, RT-7x, and RT-9x.
  • RIDGID Thermal App – Create and share reports quickly and easily with the RIDGID Thermal App. View, edit, and analyze captured images from the thermal imager directly on a mobile device. The app can be downloaded through the iOS App Store and Google Play and is compatible with the RT-5x, RT-7x and RT-9x.


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