Robots Are Invading the Job Site! And So Much More! – Coptool Week In Review 4/5/2019

Here is what happened this week in the world of power tools! Keifer gets Kaizen, Doresoom gives us a peek at Makita’s future, Robots start roaming the job site and the French Canadians put the wrong blade on the right saw! Those stories & more! This is your CopTool Week In Review!

Pro Tool Reviews and the Milwaukee Tool Just For Linemen

We start out this week with Pro Tool Reviews, who took a look at The M18 Fuel 7/16” Hex Utility High Torque Impact Wrench, which is the first cordless impact wrench designed specifically for the challenges common to the utility linemen. These rare tools made for highly specialized trades can be confusing, but Kenny does a great job of walking us through all the unique features. 


Tool Box Buzz and the DeWALT Green Rotary Laser

Tool Box Buzz crew is reviewing a new Dewalt 20v Max Green Rotary Laser. Robillard digs deep into the features and capabilities that justify this rugged lasers $2000 price tag. Besides the typical features you’d expect, Rob also shows us how the tool connect app essentially turns your phone into a feature-rich remote. Not everyone will need a rotary laser with a 2,200ft range, but you’re likely to want it anyways after watching this review. 


Doresoom and 2019 Makita Predictions

Doresoom took a break from his job keeping an eye on the International Space Station,(He’s a NASA Flight Controller!) to raid the patent office again, this time grabbing recent submissions from Makita. The Patents give us a theoretical look at some REALLY cool Makita tools. How cool? How about a cordless microwave to go with your Makita coffee maker, a power glove that puts the batteries around your waste, and powers whatever tool you pick up through the glove, and finally an exoskeleton!


Sarah’s Project of the Week

For my project of the week, we head over to visit Johnny Brooke on Youtube. He got a chance to hang out with the guys from Modern Maker Podcasts and made this build in Four Eye’s shop! This project is a modern end table that he made using Red Oak, Aluminium and glass. He used some power carving techniques that were new to him, but you couldn’t tell that from the end result. My favorite part is the floating glass top above the rustic carved out valleys in the oak! You can find this build over on his youtube channel at Crafted Workshop. If you have a project or find a project that you think I should feature on the show send it to me in an email at!


Keith and His Genius Router Bit Holders

Earlier this week, Youtube’s algorithm thankfully pointed us to Keith’s Test Garage. Keith shared the clever concept of using carefully sized and spaced dado cuts, making the perfect organizer for his many router bits. While the idea brought me in, it’s the well-produced content and detailed instructions that kept me there for the entire 13 minutes. This guy has less than 1 thousand subs and he should have more than us. He’s that good. Do yourself a favor and watch the video and subscribe at Keith’s Test Garage on Youtube.


Toolaholic and The New Kaizen K’NEX

It’s time to check in with Instagram. Our first stop takes us to Toolaholic, who is visited by Brian of Kaizen Inserts and shows off two rather exciting mods for the Milwaukee Packout System. First is a conversion kit that makes removing the handle from the rolling toolbox, as easy as turning a knob.  It’s a feature long sought after by tradesmen who struggle to fit the box in their truck beds because of that handle. Secondly, a set of adapters called Kaizen K’NEX that allow you to add packout compatibility to just about anything. In this example, they create a mounting plate for a miter saw! This means you could attach a DeWALT TSTAK box to Milwaukee Packout! 

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Two packout solutions coming soon from @kaizen_inserts. – Many of you know the pain of getting the packout rolling bin to fit under a pickup truck tonneau cover, so now there will be a latch kit that you can use to disconnect the handle with one twist and no loose parts. – The second addition is a quick connect locking transition plate that will allow you to mount a miter saw to the top of a stack, or transition into another type of box, like first gen organizers or tstaks. – Wings are in development as well. – Keep an eye out for future posts on these additions. – #kaizenknex #packout #mitersaw #mobility #commercial #construction #mitersawstand #installer #trimwork #punchlist #efficient #tstak #systainer

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Construction Junkie and Our New Robot Overlords

You’ve seen those videos of the robots being bred at Boston Dynamics? Well recently they announced the first quadruped you can buy for yourself, and this week Construction Junkie showed an application no one asked for, running around a job site inspecting things. As if regular inspectors we’re a big enough pain, now tradesmen the world over are going to have to deal with a robot goat looking over their shoulder, and tattling to the foremen when you forget to put on your gloves. Yup… this is a GREAT idea. You can judge for yourself over at Construction


The French Canadian Carpenter and His Concrete Cutting Squach

Cutting concrete with the Sasquatch. No, it’s not our new favorite sitcom, although we would totally watch that. It’s just more shenanigans from the French Canadian Carpenter, who decided his Skilsaw Super Sasquatch would make the perfect concrete saw with the right blade. After attaching a 16” concrete blade, he easily cut through a 3 and 1/2 inch concrete block! This may not be the most practical solution, but hey, sometimes you work with the tools ya have. Just be sure OSHA isn’t watching.


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