Rotary Screw Compressor vs Reciprocating Air Compressor

Choosing a stationary air compressor for your facility can be a difficult decision. Some common questions you will need to answer are: Where will the compressor be located? How much room is required? What is the total budget? How much maintenance is required? How much air is used throughout the day? How much does that air requirement fluctuate? How much pressure or PSI is required? How much horsepower is needed? What are the electrical requirements? Are there any noise restrictions?  
The basic things to look at when comparing compressors are:

Horsepower – This is directly proportional to Cubic Feet per Minute CFM.
CFM – Cubic Feet Per Minute

PSI – Pounds per Square Inch must not exceed the requirements of pneumatic tools and equipment.
Tank Size – Size of the air reservoir is important for continuous operation and also determines the size of the overall compressor.
Dryers & After Coolers – Air treatment is important for removing moisture from compressors under heavy use.
Electrical Requirements – It is important to make sure your facility can handle the electrical requirements of the selected Compressor.   

When comparing reciprocal air compressors with rotary screw compressors you will see many advantages to choosing the screw compressor. They are more compact, operate quietly, built for continuous operation and typically see less maintenance. The down side is the initial costs are higher. When you compare a 5 HP reciprocating air compressor at $1807 with a 5 HP rotary screw compressor at $3688 do the advantages out weight the initial cost?

Reciprocation Air Compressors
Ingersoll Rand 2475N5 – 5 HP – 175 PSI – 16.8 CFM – $1807 – With Air Cooler $2337
Ingersoll Rand 2545E10V – 10 HP – 175 PSI – 35 CFM – $2410 – With Air Cooler $3519
Ingersoll Rand 7100E15V – 15 HP – 175 PSI – 50 CFM – $3217 – With Air Cooler $4792

Rotary Screw Air Compressor  
Chicago Pneumatic QRS5HP – 5 HP – 155 PSI – 16.6 CFM – $3688 With Dryer $4824
Chicago Pneumatic QRS10HP – 10 HP – 155 PSI – 30 CFM – $5732 With Dryer $7170
Chicago Pneumatic QRS15HP – 15 HP – 155 PSI – 45 CFM – $6684 With Dryer $8352

Each application is different, if you have any questions it is best to call or email one of our trained professionals and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. View more industrial air compressors and pneumatic tools at Ohio Power Tool.

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