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Power Tool Scams

If you’re just about to buy a $1200 cordless 10 tool combo kit from Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, etc for $137 bucks online and you think wow this deal is too good to be true!!! Trust that voice in your head and do a little research. Popup websites selling tools super cheap are coming up faster than wack-a-moles and blasting social media with links to the sites. (We don’t know the Youtuber below but he makes a video almost everyday on all these different SCAM websites that pop up) 

They stole the Ohio Power Tool Logo like a bunch of jerks! Stealing familiar logos and using banners & pictures right off the manufacturer’s website it’s pretty easy to fool some unsuspecting shoppers. They can get all their credit card info, personal info, created login/password (often used other places), all from their IP address and the purchase won’t raise any red flags on the card statement until of course the tools never show up or thousands of dollars in iTunes gift card get purchased. Watch out guys your logos could be next…

Tool Store Logo Knockoffs

These sites are hard to tell at first glance but there are scam alert websites like or others similar ones where you can type in the URL and they’ll let you know some fun facts about the website, age, domain, country, etc. If a company has a physical address, larger showroom, hundreds/thousands of reviews, phone number on every page, Google Trusted Store, chances are good they are legit however SCAM sites get better and better at faking you out, so no doubt they’ll be showing pictures of showrooms and buildings and doing fake reviews as well.

There are a lot of people on social media who have taken to the streets to mark SCAM on social media posts pushing new tools, sales and other info that look fraudulent however Coptool keeps getting hit with SCAM comments. Guys we’re not the enemy we’re the good guys trying to spread the word on scams like this.

Here are some Super Reputable USA Tool Dealer options that cater to Professionals:

For Canada friends:

If you’re shopping for Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Bosch, Metabo and other pro brands from somewhere else you’ve never dealt with before just be extra careful. We want to warn everyone about these scams so people don’t fall for them and this sort of practice becomes less successful and hopefully goes away!

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