Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch! World of Concrete 2018

Oh, this monster isn’t a myth. It’s the Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch! We’ve got a short demo of this portable table saw at the World of Concrete.

A massive 15A, 16-5/16″ Magnesium saw will power through anything you throw at it. It’s the biggest worm drive saw on Earth with a 6-1/4″ cutting capacity and will cut 6x with ease We were very impressed seeing this beast up close!

Skilsaw does a great job manufacturing products for the end user. They continue to do so with the Super Sawsquatch. Built with a worm drive saw motor, allows the blade placement on the left side to increase your line of sight. Also, dust management on the opposite side of the user keeps your line clear from any obstructions. Order the Skilsaw Super Sawsquatch SPT70V-11  ($649) available soon.

We move over to the all new Skilsaw 7″ Medusaw. With the end user in mind, Skilsaw manufactured a dedicated walk-behind concrete saw. Built-in dry dust collection as well as a water system for silica management. Also, a 3-point tracking system and wheel foot plates to track a line perfectly. This saw is the way to go!

Portability is key. 2 clicks, you have your walk-behind saw compact and ready to store. When the day is done, toss it in your bag and head home for dinner. Order the Skilsaw 7″ Medusaw SPT79A-10 ($699) from Ohio Power Tool.

I also need to mention the Skilsaw Jobsite Saw SPT99-12 ($499). Skilsaw had their Jobsite Saw on display and was running demos all day. We didn’t demo it at the show because we recently had a lot of time with this one in our full Jobsite Table Saw Shootout see it in action and compare to other top branded saws on the market.

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