Some Fein Lookin’ Tools (Revisited) Bosch & Dremel

Exactly one year ago today we did a simple comparison post on some new oscillating tools coming out from Dremel and Bosch that would compete directly with the Fein Multi-Master. See Some Fein Looking Tools – Bosch PS50 & Dremel Multi-Max 9/9/08. Since then this post has held strong as our most viewed post ever. I wanted to take a second to revisit the post and perhaps add some more related links, photos & insight now that these tools have been around the block a few times.

Since the original post we added several YouTube Videos (See Below) as well as some additional posts for Bosch PS50 Accessories and Dremel Multi-Max Accessories as well as found some great post on other blogs including this post on toolsnob, one of the best I’ve seen.

Just for good measure I snapped twenty or so more pictures of these two tools and put them in this Facebook Album. Some of the points I was trying to highlight in the added photos would include the difference in size and shape, often people think the Dremel is larger but in fact the Bosch is slightly longer. The difference in Cases, the Bosch is a clear winner here. Also a few pictures of the vents, both of these tools can get hot but the Dremel is often run continuous for longer amounts of time and can get really hot. The Bosch being cordless is less equipped to run continuously so it often has at least a minute or so to cool during battery changes. One guy I spoke with who runs the Dremels all day long actually uses two Multi-Max and puts different attachments on each and use each for 20-30 minutes then switches to the other which saves him time from switching blades but also give the tools time to cool.  

The accessories are also more substantial on the Bosch; in general the Dremel accessories are smaller, thinner metal but less expensive. The sanding pads do work interchangeably but you can see in this photo the Bosch sanding pads are slightly larger. Also you will see in this picture the Bosch adaptor which allows you to use Dremel or Fein blades as well. The Dremel is pictured with a simple washer because this is what we have found many of the tradesmen using so they could use the more substantial Bosch blades with the corded Dremel tool. Funny thing is I didn’t tell them to do this (legal disclaimer: nor would I ever suggest anyone ever alter a tool or make their own adaptors for any tool or accessory ever) but amazingly several different heavy users of these tools came up with the idea on their own. Obviously end users are going to figure out work arounds, manufacturers should accept that and make things easier on everyone.

If you are looking for Dremel Multi-Max ($99) or Bosch Multi-X PS50-2A ($179) PS50-2B ($199) or any of their oscillating tool accessories; Ohio Power Tool keeps all these tools and accessories in stock and able to handle quantity orders.


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