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Toler Tools Everyday Carry

Most of the folks we talk to on a daily basis have some sort of everyday carry knives and/or multi-tools. Leatherman, the leader and trade name for the pocket multi-tool offers several very handy options from the very tiny to fairly large. We’ve seen many other brands now get into the pocket Multi-Tool market Gerber, Klein and others so have we seen all the innovation possible in the category? Talking with Michael from Toler Tools he really pointed out a lot of features that would be super useful but just were not available. So what’s a mechanical engineer left to do but invest a few years of time, lots of savings and build it right! Just posted on KickStarter a few days ago the Toler Union Pocket Multi-Tool is past all the prototyes and ready for full blown production.

I meet Michael almost 10 years ago and he was actually the guy who introduced me to the Idea Foundry when it was just a tiny maker shop of about 2500 sq ft. At the time he had just built a small CNC machine from scratch, nope not from a kit but literally from small gears, spare parts and shear brain juices. Fast forward to 2018 we are pretty excited to see where Toler Tools can go from here.

For more details check out their Facebook Page ( which has a lot more images, videos and info on the development. More from the Kickstarter below.

Where have we been?

The greatest unknown after conception was whether the OMNILOCK™ was feasible. After the kinematics were developed, testing was necessary. Luckily, being a founding member of the Idea Foundry has its perks. Multiple versions of the wrench were cut to find the optimal dimensions for smooth and secure operation. With this success, design of the tool was undertaken in earnest. Then the search was on for suppliers. First protos arrived in the spring and the marketing planning began, leading to now.

Where are we going?

The UNION™ is a family of tools. More modules and accessories are in the works to extend your carry options. You’ll pair two halves for the day you expect. Headed to the woods, the workplace, a weekend motorcycle getaway, or a night on the town? Carry the tools you need and none you don’t.


  • Heat treated martensitic stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • 5 oz
  • 5″ x 1-5/8″ x 1″


“My wife was running her food truck, The Coop, while I was finishing my degree in mechanical engineering. I had to go and fix things for her regularly, so I began to carry more tools on me, trying to make quick fixes and get back to studying. One day, under the counter working on a leak, frustrated with the nut and bolt prowess of the multi-tool I always carried, the idea for the Omnilock began to take shape in my head. I decided to try and design my dream multi-tool, one that could take advantage of the new wrench design to the fullest. I’m very happy with the results, and I’ve not carried another tool since the first Union prototypes were built.”-Michael Newman

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