Tool News from Around the World

Big Tool News Day from around the web, here are just a few of the highlights!

Pro Tool Review

ProToolReviews – Has an exclusive on a new Reemco SideWinder II power edger. Looks to be an exciting new tool we can’t wait to see in action. Not only will it edge your garden without any hassle, it’ll probably take care of that pesky yapping dog next door as well if you put it on the right setting.

Tool Stop UK

ToolStop UK – Got the exclusive on the Joblin Jobsite Radio / Hot Tea maker, which should be out soon in Europe. It might be a little while until we see it here in the US but with tea time becoming more and more common place on construction jobsites we think it might not be too long.

Home Fixated

HomeFixated – in their Tool Nirvana section our friends at Home Fixated got first scoop on several exciting new products we learned about today: Milwaukee’s new color scheme, Bosch’s new Beer Cooler and Makita’s date with Senorita Programs just to name a few.

Looks like it’s going to be a good April in the tool world!

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