Tool Repairs as an Economic Indicator

It seems like everyone has “economic indicators” to judge their own business and industry. One of our big ones is Tool Repairs. When things are good and there are lots of projects going at once, people are breaking tools left & right. When things slow down, however what happens is they don’t need as many tools going simultaneously so there become backup tools, the broken tool can collect dust in the corner and they can use the working tools they got. No need to fix them or buy new ones.

Earlier this year tool repairs really slowed down, which wasn’t a big surprise, as the sky was apparently falling. Then things leveled out however the good news is for the last month or two we have seen a consistent increase in tool repairs. Which means for one, people are working and they either broke all their unused tools or maybe are actually increasing the amount of tools they need to use simultaneously again. Both are good news for the tool repair business and everyone else who wants to see the economy turn around.

If you do your own tool repairs check out this page for links to many of the Manufacturer’s Parts Breakdown pages. Also if you need parts from any of these manufacturers Ohio Power Tool stocks a wide range of tool parts.   


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