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Last week we hosted the “Tool Test Raw” between VCG Construction and Tool Review Zone where Vince from VCG used the Milwaukee 2804-22 Hammer Drill to go against Clint from Tool Review Zone with the New Ridgid Octane GEN5X. Before all the fun began the VCG crew did a full live walk through of the Ohio Power Tool showroom, taking live questions, video above. But the question your’re probably asking, who won the competition?

Since Coptool hosted we provided 3 feats of strength, going head to head first it was 1-1/2” spade bits through 4”x4” pressure treated lumber, second was ½” holes in 3/8” steel and finally ½” masonry bits through concrete block.

Where it all Went Wrong – Unfortunately the Coptool Studio does not get great WiFi coverage, at least not good enough for high-def live video coverage, which we were not aware of until this test. We can only think if you have a couple beer and when your vision goes a little fuzzy maybe the poor quality won’t be an issue…

The Rematch is already in the works, alas Coptool was not asked to host again.

So Who Won – Well the M18 Hammer Drill was clearly more compact in size and weight which made us really think Ridgid was going to have an advantage however the M18 was the clear winner in all 3 of the head to head challenges. Size was not a factor here, M18 gen-3 really impressed us coming out on top as the clear winner. We did however really like the Ridgid LED light on the chuck, that thing is awesome, while we may worry a little about how it might hold up it really does put the light exactly where it needs to be, we have LED envy.

Check out Ohio Power Tool for all you needs and feel free to stop by the store and get a tour for yourself!


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