VCG Ranks His Top 5 Impacts, TBB Talks about Grinders, and So Much More! – Coptool Week In Review 5/17/19 Ep 208

Bob Clagett meets Colin Furze, The Canadian Carpenter practices with his new hammer and the Workshop Addict lets the Sunex Shine. This is your Coptool Week In Review! 

Top 5 Impacts – VCG Construction

Vince teased us with the title of his video this week, claiming to offer a list of the Top 5 Impacts of all time. And while he does run down his list of winners, the video turns out to be an important message for tradesmen and prosumors alike. “The best tool, is the one that gets the job done.” For your weekly wisdom, and to find out why 4 out of 5 impacts are Milwaukee, head over to VCG Construction on Youtube.


Sunex Lights – Workshop Addict

Are you tired of working in the dark? So was Brian, the Workshop Addict. This week he decided to brighten up his day with a series of lights from Sunex. He loves the magnetic mounts, durability and of course, the light! If you need to brighten your day be sure to check out his video at Workshop Addict on Youtube. 


Grinder Testing! – Tool Box Buzz

We have some big news from the world of Tool Box Buzz! According to the Concord Carpenter, tomorrow they’re kicking off 2 and a half weeks of Grinder testing! And today we have an exclusive look at one of their famous rigs. This is their out cutting rig, which tests cut speed, number of cuts, run time and cuts per watt hour.  Tomorrow, on Saturday May 18th, the TBB crew will be broadcasting LIVE, giving us all a behind the scenes look at the crazy detailed process behind some of the greatest comparos ever made. Be sure to head over to tool box buzz on YouTube or Instagram and get subscribed so you don’t miss it.


Smartphone Thermal Imager – Pro Tool Reviews

Clint from Pro Tool Reviews gave us a hot look at a new Thermal Imager for your phone. The FLIR One Pro LT is a smartphone accessory and MSX product that uses a clever dual camera system that combines a high resolution image, with a low resolution thermal overlay. The result is a small, but very effective thermal imager that gives you a much better view than a traditional thermal camera alone. Clint loves the wide range of features, and points out it’s selfie mode, claiming to “Prove once and for all whether you’re hot or not”.  You can learn more at Pro Tool Reviews on YouTube.


Change of Plans – RR Buildings

The crew at RR Buildings began a new series this last week. Kyle decided to try his hand at daily vlogging, and once again, he somehow got us all obsessed with post frame buildings. This format means he we get a far more detailed look at the entire process as he builds a 56 x 66 garage, attached to an existing garage. Kyle just uploaded the 13th episode on Wednesday, revealing the project owner suddenly had a change of heart, and they’re taking down all of the metal siding… to change the color. I’m sure none of you can relate to an indecisive client. There’s still a lot more to go. So to follow along, be sure to sub to RR Buildings on YouTube.

Leather Makers Belt – Black Beard Projects

For my Project of the Week we go to Italy where one of my favorite makers made a maker’s belt. Black Beard Projects posted a video where he therapeutically guides you through his process of hand making a one of a kind leather makers belt. I love everything Black Beard has on his channel but this has to be my favorite right now. It’s just so crispy! This project puts all of his most frequently used tools right at his fingertips and it looks awesome. If you need some inspiration for a project of your own check out any of Black Beards social channels! 

DeWalt Cordless Router – Kruger Construction

On our way to Instagram, we always stop first at Kruger Construction, where Murry was playing with his new DeWalt Cordless Router. He posted, to point out it’s compatibility with the plunge base from the corded version, which he already owned. Using the base he put a nice cove on a scrap piece of spruce. He seemed impressed by it’s smooth start, sudden stop and extremely bright leds. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the DeWalt cordless router, and based on the reviews, we doubt it will be the last. You can find Murry at Kruger Construction on instagram.

Tibone3 Hammer – Canadian Carpenter

Joe, the infamous Canadian Carpenter decided to break in a new Tibone hammer from Stiletto tools, and it’s oddly calming to watch. It is a short video but one that is definitely worth the watch! Be sure to follow Joe at Canadian Carpenter on Instagram.  

Appreciation for Quality Tools – Mechanical Hub

We have a love and respect for quality tools that keep working forever! Eric from Mechanical Hub caught our eye this week when he posted a photo of a 20 year old number 20 pipe cutter from Ridgid. Eric asks a good question. Are there better newer models? Define better. If you’ve got an old tool that you still use today, go share it with Eric on mechanical hub on Instagram.

Congratulations Built By N8!

We want to congratulate Built By N8 for hitting 25k Instagram Followers! For what it’s worth, Nate is so awesome, it’s actually confusing as to why he ONLY has 25k, but we are sure he’ll hit 100k before long. 

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Instagram Gold! – I Like to Make Stuff and Colin Furze

Lastly, Because Sarah is obsessed with both of these people…She wanted to make sure everyone else saw that Bob Clagett from I Like to Make Stuff and Colin Furze got hang out together at Makers Central 2019. And she won’t stop talking about it.

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