Week In Review Ep. 150 | 3 Cordless Miter Saws, and the New Milwaukee Quik-Lok System

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This Week’s Links:

Metabo HPT 36v Circular Saw (Workshop Addict)

Toolsday Miter Saws (RR Buildings)

Bausch + Lomb 5x Loupe (ToolGuyd)

Bausch + Lomb 5X Loupe Review

Milwaukee Quik-Lok (Tool Review Zone)

DeWalt Bluetooth LED Light (Tools In Action)

New Tape Measures (Coptool)

Bosch Portable Vac (Toolaholic)

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Ive said it before and Ill say it again, this @boschtoolsna 18v canister vac is freakin impressive. – The dust was Still swirling around inside right before I decided to check on the filter and empty it. – Ill post a full video on this soon. Its one of the main cordless vacs we have been using. In my opinion Bosch nailed a lot of the pain points with cordless vacs. – Great on board wand/nozzle storage, easy to empty, great hose management, flexible non marking hose that doesnt kink, enclosed battery bay, top read battery gauge, lightweight, quiet. – My only gripes, non standard hose connections, short hose, no variable speed (not a huge deal), circular filter not as easy to clean as square pleated filter. – #boschtools #bosch #cordlessvac

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Financial Advice for Tradesman (Gary Katz)

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I got a lot of dm questions about the simulated marble (resin product) I used in my bathroom tub-shower surround. I bought it, and had it installed by a company near me: Marble Creations—they have a facebook page and a website: MarbleCreations.net. They did the shower in my Master Bath, too. I’ll share photos later. Great stuff. VERY easy to clean—no grout joints. My shower is seven years old and still has that brand-new sheen. . I loved the way the installer made a simple template—he even carries sticks of plywood with pre-drilled holes for stub-outs; staples it all together. . Maybe I got the questions because folks on IG aren’t accustomed to seeing such ‘low priced’ materials? I don’t know. I do know this: We are tradespeople and often do our best work in the homes of wealthy customers. And we’re often exposed to products that are extremely nice. But remember who you are and what’s important to you. We generally experience the greatest amount of success when our wealthy customers are making the most money—which is great! That’s when the economy is strong, when the stock market is up, when interest rates are low, etc. But the opposite happens, too—that’s when our customers stop spending money. . I’ve been in construction my whole life and have been through three recessions—nearly went bankrupt in 1980-82 when interest rates hit 16%. So I’ve learned (mostly from my brother who beat this into me), don’t buy anything you can’t pay for, save save save save. Avoid borrowing. . I’m not really frugal, but I’m very careful and though I could have installed granite or whatever for tub-shower surrounds, I opted to save money, which is what enabled me to live here in the first place without spending every time I had. I hope someone reading this learns the easy way because I didn’t. . This growth economy will end. It’s only a matter of when.

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